Saturday, June 27, 2009

Muslin face painting

Just a quick check in this morning. If you took care of the freezer duty as I suggested, then today you get to play ART all day. I am.

The next element for my "fabric" project is this pretty thing I painted on muslin with my crayons early this morning.

I'll be back later,



  1. nice drawing sharon! i tried this several times and i used the Lyra Aquacolor crayons. did you use any water, i did and it bled. dumb me, i never thought not to use water!

  2. She looks like she is waiting to reveal a surprise only she knows. Can't wait to see what she sees!

  3. just so you know, i know have an official "sharon-inspirations list". i figure at some point your experimental imaginings will rub off on me! fingers crossed!

  4. Gorgeous!! If you can create something this beautiful with crayons!!!!! I'm over the top in awe.

    xo Rella
    enjoy the weekend :)

  5. beautiful Sharon! I can't wait to see what you're building , I mean working on!

  6. Love her sweet face and slightly mischievous eyes!
    Sooooooo curious to see what the weekend will bring.

  7. Hi Sharon:

    You know that lookof a face that has just been washed with soap and water, she has that fresh look. And Crayons how good is that for
    a sureness of the hand.

    Annual poppies are blooming, did I ever say I love poppies?

    Seven tenths of blessed rain. Emelie

  8. You are so creative! thanks so much for sharing and getting my inspiration going!

  9. Beautiful, serene face...and I love those green eyes. The Neocolors are so versative arent they?

    Looking forward to more progress shots.

    Jacky xox

  10. Could this be my new favorite? Love the colors. Stunning!

  11. Curiouser, and curiouser? Is your project an art doll I wonder? Looking forward to seeing the result when its ready.

  12. Beautiful face...and crayons on muslin??? Hmm...what a great idea!

    XO Karen

  13. She is very pretty, and I can't wait to see what you are going to do next!

  14. she is gorgeous Sharon wow
    you are such a clever chicky crayons on muslin!
    I have just finished tea and coffee staining muslin for some off the page projects but could never attempt something like this it is stunning

  15. Very lovely face. Painting on fabric is fun. I used paint when I tried it, but the crayons look like a nice alternative.



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