Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day Three


We met up with a couple of bloggers at Pete's Coffee & Tea on 4th Street
Meeting Lisa and Darla was like meeting up with old friends.

We laughed. We talked. We shared. We day dreamed. We planned.


Mediterranean Cuisine

The Arbor

The Friends

The Cook
The grilled Scallops
The Salad

The Olive Medley and Octopus Salad
The Parsley Condiment

The Food


Grilled Shrimp

Grilled Octopus
The Wine

My Plate
Parting Shot
The nap.......................


  1. Fabulous photos!!!! Looks like much fun.

  2. Such beautiful dishes of delicious things to eat, and nice setting to enjoy it with friends. So much fun to see.

    Enjoying your work at the wrokshop and there is a lesson there to loosen up and get over ones own reality that keeps nagging in the head as one does mixed media and collage. I get that funny feeling also when I start sort of paralyzed to proceed. I had a failure and tore it up, as luck would have it I tore it just right so I could make copies of the good parts and start over which was successful. Made black and white prints of my pieces. So all was not lost and I have done two pieces of work in the past two days. This is based on your inspiration, inspiration to do and get on with it. Enough chicken heart.

    So I have terrible hands of kirt under nails from garden and paint with ink also, they need soaking and care.

    Cool in the north 50s over night

  3. Good food, Good Food, and all that talent, it just doesn't get much better than that. Welcome home and thank you for taking me along this summer eve. Hugs, Mary

  4. I wasn't even aware that you were taking pictures! Thanks for doing that. What a lovely day we had! I'm waiting for you to show the evening... morning to evening - it was p e r f e c t. (lovely shot of the vino glasses) xo

  5. What a beautiful post! There is nothing better than good friends, good food and good art!
    Thank you so much for bringing Zorana back to us...I really missed her and her art.

  6. What amazing looking food - so much love and care and fun.

  7. EEP! How did the face in the mirror get over here?

    Wonderful time with three wonderful ladies.


  8. Oh yum!!!! I am salivating reading this really were looked after (looks like you tired out the poor old cook though!).

    Lovely to catch up with fellow bloggers and I love your new hair style...

    Jacky xox


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