Monday, July 06, 2009

Sisters are back

These "sisters" enjoyed a nice long stay at Stampington & Company in California. They have returned and are ready to go again. Details for their future travels here.
Now a quick funny story about me.
As you know, because I always tell you, I have been published several times.
OK, so after such an event, when I'm in a store that carries the various publications, I always pick one up and look through it just to make sure I'm in there.
Sure enough, there I am on the same page in every one.
It's crazy. I know.
"Love Potions" have been listed too.
Expect prints too.
Edit: Was in such a rush this morning, I failed to tell you the sisters were in the Somerset Studio Gallery Summer 2009 edition. It is in the stores now.


  1. Hi Sharon! Which publication are the "sisters" in? I want to be sure to pick up a copy. They have so many wonderful magazines. I just subbed to Somerset Studio, but do buy single copies on occasion. Lovin' all your work! It is soooo inspiring!

  2. Hi, Sharon ~

    I had already seen the sisters in the "Gallery." Since I hadn't seen a mention on your blog that they would be there, it was such a nice surprise to see those familiar faces!

    Sherry in Little Rock

  3. Congrats Sharon!! they looked loverly in there!!

  4. I do the same thing in the stores. Especially in different another state isn't going to have my art in it. I'm crazy too.
    I have been away and I kept in touch with your new art on my iPod and I am loving it.

  5. OH! and Happy belated Birthday!!
    I couldn't read the fine print on my pod.

  6. Love the sisters! I just went to Stampington and bought the issue. That's funny about you looking in the magazines! I would probably do that too!

  7. Well, I bought a copy "just 'cuz" your sisters were in it! Beautiful article....and to be honest...I am hooked on Stampington magazines!! (Not all of them, of course...who could afford all of them!) These are just lovely girls....pat

  8. Sharon,
    You are amazing, your work is always changing and always wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing,

  9. I must say that is a lot O' brushes! Love it. It's gotta be so cool to see your own art in a publication, I 'd be doing the very same thing..haha Thank you so much for always sharing your art and ideas. you are an inspiration, for sure!

  10. You make me laugh...I loved your comment about picking up the publication just to check that you were actually still it. I think that is something I would do to...just to make sure it wasnt a dream and that I really was in there!
    Your "sisters" are beautiful and we never tire of them (and obviously neither does Somerset).

    Jacky xox


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