Thursday, July 16, 2009

So on the second day

Watching Katie was just as magical as watching Judy.
Both of these ladies have a most wonderful teaching style and all I can say is don't miss out on an opportunity if it comes your way.

In Katie's class we worked on several all at once. We bounced from one to the other just gluing and slapping papers and paints down and I could have danced all night doing this.
The first one shown above is on cardboard.

This one is on canvas board. And yes, I was trying to channel Katie's ladie style.
.....mixed in with a little of Norah's......
This one in progress is on Rosin or is it Rosen paper.
I've already checked this little town and none here.
It is on my next Waco trip list.I wish to play some more on this one but I may just leave it in this stage.
I also started a page in my journal which I will work on later.
My day with Katie and Judy was a day dream come true.
Expect more,


  1. THank you so much for sharing all the juiciness! So much creative energy in one room..I can feeeeel it all the way down here in FL!

  2. Wow! Sharon, I love these pieces! You did a great job on them! Very exciting!

  3. don't you just love Katie? I took a workshop from her at Random Arts in Saluda NC. She is a magical person for sure!

  4. oh lucky dog. Sounds like SO much fun!! Did you know that your sweet face and very kind words about you are on Katie's blog! Here's the link just in case...

  5. So I got curious and had to look up rosen's roofing material! Cool....what did you like about it, does paint flow smoothly or something? Just curious. Maybe you should visit some building sites and you'll find some hanging around!

  6. I was thinking this morning Sharon, and the words came to me
    "Blessed Assurance" to me that meant on this particular day I wish I knew what I was doing.

    Cold up north 50s in July, Emelie

    Oh Yes I want to do a face where I forget how people look in ral life.
    and I have little assurance.

  7. Well, love the last "plaything" the best....sure looks like you had a lot of fun!!! My son lives out there too, and when he eats octopus, he always sends me a photo of his plate, via iphone. I can't handle are brave! Have a wonderful weekend! pat

  8. Fantastic...I love seeing your work created at the workshops. The piece on the rosen/rosin looks very intriguing...I love the door.

    Have fun!

    Jacky xox

  9. That inspiration was channeling all the way over here! I doubt that such a class is in my future, but I will continue to EXpeCT it to be...


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