Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chasing Butterflies

...and bumblebees

....and "I think I am getting my wings soon."


  1. Love her expression!!! Were those butterflies on your property?? WOW!! Beautiful.

  2. i see them, sharon!!! i love the playfulness.

  3. I LOVE your girl's mouth! That's an expression I make all of the time. Thank you for the butterflies.
    I really loved the orange one.
    Also, your friends, Lisa and Darla
    seem so cool, I am following both of their blogs now.
    Tell Zorana I miss her blog...

  4. Oh, she's so cute!!!! And, butterflies flitting amongst the those flowers. A fine job!!! pat

  5. Beautiful painting! I love the thoughtful look on her face.

  6. Love it all---beautiful butterflies and the very cute painting with the darling expression.

  7. Hi Sharon:

    That orange butterfly is a new one to me, so beautiful and bright.

    Your darling girl has the same expression one of my daughter makes when I am asking too many questions.

    I had a lovely surprise, I was painting a picture that had an old photo copy init of my mouther and cousin in the 30s. I had my face drawn in and above the face was an angel so I brought her out a little more. So nice to have things like that appear. So now of course I have to figure out how to finish this painting as I have been out watering my beloved zinnias and basil.

    Warmer up north, Emelie

    PS, smiling at the word verification, like a face that is a little off.

  8. the Butterflies are lovely, and I got a real giggle out of your girl, she is so fun. Lovely post!
    Hugs, Mary

  9. love her expression, lovely...xx


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