Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sending Love Potions in the mail

I'm sending a gift to a young newlywed couple and just had to send my gift in a box of Love Potions. Pretty cool I think.

And speaking of Mail ART. I received this in the mail Monday. What a wonderful surprise. Thank you bbff.

Expect me in a couple of days,


  1. Love potions - what a fabulous gift idea for newlyweds! They are going to be thrilled with your gift!

  2. Such a lovely box, who wouldn't be just thrilled to be gifted such.
    The layering of the flowers is particularly charming.

    Working with these rubbing plates is not easy one has to try several things and then wouldn't you know it putting the tissue on the plate and rubbing the stamp pad over it works best and isn't that silly that what works is rubbing. I hate to say DUH as one my age should have better vocabulary, however that is what I have to say.

    Have to go make dinner and that is a creative thing that isn't so creative in this house, it is gone in 10 minutes and you have nothing to show except your nourished, or too full.

    Sunny up North Emelie

  3. You have made a wonderful gift. They will giggle and smile.
    Happy Summer, Mary

  4. Well, lucky newlyweds!!! You're the best! pat

  5. You are the Queen of Snail mail and I cannot think for a minute that they will not love it!!!


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