Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day Three continued

One day of flying,
Two days creating,
A morning meeting face to face over coffee,
An afternoon of fine food,
We went to the Lagoon for a most peaceful walk.
We watched these beautiful birds in the treetops.

We met this princess.
We took pictures.

We saw agapantha.
And then,

we returned to the little studio to continue our tradition.
We exchange our I Dare You books by mail.

But we also have a tradition (two times makes a tradition) of painting together in each others book when we are together.

So Fun!!!

I painted this page in Zorana's book.

Zorana painted this page in my book.
We were still very excited about our Day Journeys and wanted to paint on that high.
after a full day of flying home,
and resting,
and resting,
I dared to paint another page in my book.
I dared to try again a face with Claudine Hellmuth paints.
I'll see you later in the weekend.
Expect it,


  1. I just returned from a bike ride through the lagoon. The duck princess said HI to you. It was a lovely day! The face you painted is very sweet.

  2. OMG! Both yours and Zorana's art are beautiful! How fortunate you both are to have such a wonderful and creative and playful friendship! I just love the work in these books!

  3. Love the faces you painted and welcome home!! I like Claudine Hellmuth's paints, I have all colors and use them all the time.

  4. I suupose you have read fellow artists that a lot of stimulation can cause hyperventilation in older artists. Sharon and Zorana lovely work and that baby is to treasure. Also charm in the baby bird.

    Sharon I have to say that faces that are a little off happen to me by accident, and I work so hard to have nice faces I don't know if I can go back, I did a piece with the intention of less than normal and all I came away with was a green person. OF course green is the way to be so that is OK. I like the painting.

    We attended the most wonderful garden tour today that I am over stimulated in so many areas have to live with all this.

    Cold, highs have been low 60s in the north, Emelie

  5. Your friendship is enviable! Sharing coffee, food, walks, art - heavenly!

  6. Your journal paintings are such a treat...thank you for sharing part of these journals (and your friendship) with us. Two talented ladies!!!

    Aaaahhhh,,,,I'd love a bike ride around the lagoon.

    Expecting something soon with your Claudine Helmuth paints. Are they acrylic?

    Jacky xox

  7. Loved looking around again,its been so long. Hope you are very well and recovered and are those paints??? I must buy some!


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