Monday, July 20, 2009

Love Birds

Our painted bunting has made himself at home.
He comes for a bath.

He swishes.
I have seen him do this several times now.
And he brought his Ms Painted Bunting.
This time she just had a drink.
Another time she took her bath too.
They are so fun to watch through my kitchen window.
another Love Potion with layers and layers of
Parting shot
Big Bird


  1. Love your little bird pictures. I have a soft spot for all kinds of birds; red rosters are my favorite with the beautiful green cast to the long feathers.

  2. Birg bird looks like he's saying (indignantly) Who has been taking a bath in MY water?

    Lucky you with Mr and Mrs. Painted as neighbors.


  3. Oops.... that should have said BIG Bird... I don't know who Birg bird is.


  4. I love these bird pics! Has Ms. Cardinal hatched her eggs? I assume they did hatch by now?

  5. I have never seen the painted bunting before. Sharon can I come and camp out in your backyard?

  6. Oh, I'm so jealous that you have painted buntings! Wow!

  7. And the chickadee gets to watch all the color take a bath and wonder if it is something in the water that turns a bird such colors.

    fun to see the rooster they are so proud and strut around with such
    self importance.

    I like your collage also, I love what is not quite visible. That is what I love about a lot of the
    mixed media collage.

    Getting dressed to do rain dance,

  8. Obviously no show without big bird! What a stunning rooster!

    Love your bird pics. and your latest love potion. Layer upon layer of napkins, I love that.

    Jacky xox

  9. Love Mr. and Mrs. cute and I think your kitchen window is "the place to be." Wonderful Love Potion too! Now, you know I'm terrified of him...not so crazy about!
    But, I can see where others would be. I know you love your little piece of Paradise there and sure love seeing it! take care, pat

  10. Hi, Sharon! I love the painted bunting pictures and always love getting a glimpse of your roosters! In the third picture, little bunting man looks like he's fading! You don't think your rooster slipped a little bleach into the water, do you!?!

    Sherry in Little Rock

  11. It is afternoon already, just thinking of you this morning, also thinking about why some days it is so hard to do a decent piece of art work,I bet it is time and thinking youhave so little that day, but still want to do something, so I better find the journal so I have some small pages, however if the mind is not clicking right small can go amiss also.

    working in hot pink, neongreen,
    and paynes gray, Emelie
    (perhaps that is the problem)

  12. Well, your birdfeeder is seeing alot of action these days! Mr.Painted Bunting is quite the looker.

  13. What a lovely couple you have taking a bath in your yard. Your pictures tell such a cute story. I love the Rooster, he looks very comfortable. Such a sweet post on this hot summer eve.
    Hugs, Mary

  14. The Bird photos are great.
    What a great view you have out your windwo.

  15. Hi Sharon, Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning...those birds are real characters aren't they/...xx

  16. I love visiting here... haven't been out and about for awhile... nice to be back with the living. Love that chicken.... rooster? Can you believe I grew up visiting my grandparents farm..... :)

  17. All I can say is, “I love looking the photos". It is so cute!!!


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