Friday, July 10, 2009

We Dare

By now she (my bbff Zorana) has this little book back in her hands,
because I delivered it.
So I will show a little of my play ART in it.
I know you recognize her pretty girl on the left side above. My page is on the right.
You know I had to put some Love Potions in her book.

And one more page of a pressed Four O'clock blossom from my gardens.
Be expectful,


  1. Sharon, Love it.....especially the page with the Four O'Clock blossom...I haven't thought of those flowers in years and now I want some!!! Sure hope you are having a wonderful time!!!!!! pat

  2. Ah ha! Tell Z hello for me and I miss her.
    Love that last page. I will be pressing flowers again. Thanks for sparking my ever dulling memory!

  3. It is lovely to see one of Zorana's drawings. I miss her blog and wish that she would come back to show us her lovelies.
    Whhat a lot of fun you have been having lately :)


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