Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Face No 2

I hope to paint at least one per day. 
That's my plan. 
The point is to get me to the art desk.
And to get there with no pressure to create a perfect painting.
Just get there and paint one little face.

While painting tiny faces, I have to get OK with the imperfections. 
When I see it this size I want to repaint her
even though I do like the looseness. 

I need a brush with 3 hairs.
I need a size 000 flat brush and angle brush.
And sooner or later I will move my standing Ott light with magnifying glass from the chair zone to the art desk.
For now I'm just making do

and showing up.


  1. Showing up is what it's all about...the rest just happens and sometimes it can be quite glorious. "Glorious" seems like a dramatic word, but it's true.

    I love your tiny little form and blown up. I cracked up at the brush with 3 hairs. Yes!!!!

    Have a fun day!

    1. Thanks Lisa, I'm serious about 3 hairs. I think I have one some where. Gonna look for it.

  2. I once saw a square framed piece...maybe it was 20x20-ish, but had all of these tiny portraits in it!!! I have never forgotten it and that is why I love the thought of 100 faces!! Maybe today will be my first! Your little faces are wonderful, loose and lively!!

  3. Love her, reminds me very much of Modigliani. Annette x

  4. It's unanimous. They are reminiscent of Modigliani. Wonderfully precious little works. You go, girl!


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