Sunday, March 30, 2014

About Klimt Inspriation

A 14 x 17 book, Gustav Klimt by Rachael Barnes
 This is a coffee table book. 
If you love Klimt like I do, you will want and need this book. 

I purchased it on a trip to California several years ago and wagged it back as "carry on". 
It is huge and heavy. 

Love by Gustav Klimt
This painting, Love, is the inspriation for my next several faces for 
About Love
Here is why I love this book.
In addition to all the beautiful prints of his works, the history and unknown details are also included. 
I hope you can read the text in the photo below.
It is about the painting and gives me chills. 

About Love, the painting by Gustave Klimt

A must have from me
This book has inspired me and my art many times.
Many times I have been inspired to make an online course using this book as the premise for the class. 
Then I get cold feet.

Face No 47 is the first of several Faces from this inspiration. 

a sketch to start
 She is in the dime-zone.
Face No 47 by Sharon Tomlinson
Most of the dime-zone faces are not meant to be seen enlarged. 
They show too much.

I have more from this inspiration painting and will post them separately. 


  1. Hi Sharon, LOVE this and of course I just LOVE Klimt, so please dont get cold feet and give us the class you dream of. Loving all these faces and looking forward to joining in soon as soon as I have completed Mistys course. You keep creating and inspiring us . Lots of Love, Heather, Cape Town.

  2. I am blown away by your art....the faces you are doing and on such a small scale! I don't know how you get such detail. I feel like this piece should hang somewhere for many to see.....your work is fabulous.


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