Monday, March 03, 2014

I have a new Sta-Wet

Do you believe I've made it to number 18? 
I can't.
I haven't painted one every day but from the beginning I gave myself permission to skip if I needed to. 
Recently, I did feel myself getting close to that wall where I just want to turn around and lean against it and slid my self down and sit there. 
Sit there rather than hurdling over it. 
I didn't jump over it but I did walk around it.

Modigliani reference and Sta-Wet Palette
 Do you remember me telling you about the big new Sta-Wet Palette?
Well I did; however, I don't think I ever came back to tell you that I pretty much hated it. 
I didn't tell you that because I didn't think I gave it a chance. 
I loaded it up with paint and then didn't paint. 
That doesn't work.
It gets smelly and waste a lot of paint. 
But in fact, it was just too big and cumbersome for my space. 
I couldn't figure out how to get comfortable with it. 

Imagine my surprise when I was at Michael's last week and saw this smaller one and snatched it right up.
I wasn't surprised to see it. 
I was surprised that I had to have it
Anyway,  I have used it on these tiny faces and so far, I love it. 
Could be because I'm painting just about every day.
I know it is because the size fits me.

One Hundred Faces
Faces in the Scheme of things

One Hundred Faces
Face No 18
Just in case you are wondering,
I am showing the face at the top small because it is more like the actual size.
Then showing large at the bottom so you can actually see it. 
I really do like this one. 


  1. Sharon, I'm loving these little faces you're painting! I also love the way you have them displayed with the words between. Awesome work! If I wasn't knee deep in Jeanne Oliver's class, I'd be painting and having fun right along with you! And thanks for the review on the sta-wet palette! I paint mostly in acrylics now and have been thinking about buying one. Thanks for sharing your projects with us! :)

    1. Thank you Sharon, So far I'm really liking the small size Sta-wet. It actually keeps the fluid acrylics just right too. The big one just did not fit me and my space.
      Actually the little squars of text among my tiny faces will eventually become tiny faces. But I like them this way too.

  2. love this one, sharon...

    i have the small sta-wet and like it, *and* i wish they made an even smaller one! say, 5" x 7"...


    1. Yes Lynne, smaller would be good too. I'm use to working with a very small palette. For anyone wondering, this one is about 7 X 8.5 inside.

  3. So glad to see that you are painting again! Sometimes we all need a break. I have one of those small sta-wet palettes. I found that for darker colors it didn't work well for me. But lighter colors worked fine. I like to paint smaller faces too.

    1. Hey Connie, Why was there a difference in the light and dark colors. So far I'm not seeing any difference.

  4. Your continued work with the small sizes is amazing!! I've wondered about those palettes - thanks for more info.

  5. Try putting just a few drops of ammonia in water you soak the sponge in. The sponge stays fresh much longer. I don't remember where I picked up this tip. Don't worry about the smell. You use so little ammonia and the odor does disappate

    1. Hello Regina!!!
      I think that tip about the ammonia is on the insturction. Not sure but I have also read it somewhere. I did try that but it didn't help. Mine was so stinky that I could smell it without opening it. Bad!


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