Monday, March 31, 2014

Faces showing progression

She is from the same inspiration as No 47.

Face No 48

Faces in the Scheme of One Hundred Faces

Face No 48 by Sharon Tomlinson
 I actually had something else planned for this No 49 spot. 
Just going with the flow.
Face No 49


  1. Enjoying your faces so much Sharon. And I share your love of Klimt. I think I need this book too. :)

  2. Your faces number 48 and 49 show such emotion. Number 47 amazes me in that you said it is about the size of a dime. I think you almost needed twezzers to hold a tiny brush to accomplish what you did. The finished collage will be a testament to your patience and an unusual art piece that I know with your talent will become a masterpiece. I have seen Klimt's influence in your work before. I like that you were influence yet you have added your own special flair to each piece to make it uniquely Sharon's.


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