Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Time for Klimt

You know.
I have been inspired by Gustav Klimt since I first saw a print of "The Kiss" hanging in a friends home more than ten years ago. 

Face 42 and 29
 I have never been inspired to copy or replicate his work. 
However, I have been inspired by all of the elements he employs. One for example, the way he turns faces sideways. But more than that, I love the decorative flowers, geometric shapes, colors, gold, and busy sometime flat background decorations.

I am fascinated with the way he gets depth of emotion, as well as, depth within the work while juxtaposing large areas of flat decoration with sensual figures. 
One Hundred Faces
Face No 42

 It felt right to include my version of details from his famous works of fine art in my project of One Hundred Faces.

One Hundred Faces
Face 44 in the scheme of One Hundred Faces

Face 43

Face 44


  1. This is just the coolest project! So inspiring!

  2. Who can help but to love Klimt! Loving your faces, very inspiring.


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