Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I am a showoff

LaComeitte Brushes
Yes I am. 
A showoff.
Well, you know I always love to show off my new toys. 
The same day I bought the new small Sta-Wet Palette,
I bought 5 new brushes. 
They are tiny tiny.
So far my favorite is the 1/8 angular.
That's because I always love angular and buy a 1/4 every time I go to Michael's.
Actually, I like them all. My least favorite is the top one. 
18/0 round for detail. 
So far, I haven't found the success of it.

Face No 19 is 3/4" by 1".
That is why I needed tiny tiny tiny brushes. 
They do make a difference; however, 
No 19 is in that top row above the red area and was so difficult to paint because of where she is on the board. 
Just awkward.

One Hundred Faces
Face No 19
Today, I will paint No 20 and since there are 10 more in that top row, that's where I'm going.

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  1. Good tools are so important. Like that little palette



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