Friday, February 01, 2008


Really, I'm just checking in before the weekend.
You know I would have shown you if I could have. I really am in the 'just out' issue of Artful Blogging. And I am so anxious to see it.
Look what happened. Today I received the empty plastic cover with the address label page that has been stamped by the post office. "Received without contents at 767[zip]". Yes, I'm disappointed and you know I will show you when I get my hands on one.
The other thing I'm showing is my little journal sketch for today. I think I will take her home today for my weekend inspiration.
Have a great weekend. I'll try to check back....if I have something to show. And thank you for visiting.
More later,


  1. I have gone all over the place to try and find the latest issue of Artful Blogging...both B&N and Borders told me that they don't stock it...I was not a happy camper...tomorrow I will go to the B&N where I found the first issue...a little more travel involved.
    Did you get my e-mail?

  2. Oh no! I am disappointed that you didn't get it... I can imagine how you felt. I'll try to find it tomorrow.
    So, you sketched the beautiful lady with your left hand. I do that all the time :-) Mine would look horrible if I used my right hand.

  3. Oh Sharon, how strange and disappointing!! I'm envisioning a copy flying into your hands right now. And another one into mine :-)
    Love your latest sketch. Can you lend me some of your drawing skill? ;-)

  4. Oh No is right!I would love to know where it ended up. But Congrats again on being published.I will be off to Borders tomorrow to check it out. (My Border's carries it.)Thanks for the well wishes. I am much much better today and ready for some weekend art.Can't wait to see what you do with your sketch.

  5. Congratulations on the magazine.
    You will eventually see it.

  6. When I received my complimentary copy the top edge of the bag was slit open but thankfully the magazine was still there. What a disappointment! And your article is beautiful. I can't believe one of my drawings is in the same issue as your article! I feel as if I'm hob-nobbing with the elite!! :-)

  7. I am sitting here looking at links and found your blog thru somewhere else, I don't even know where now. I started reading and looking, well mostly looking and I love it.

    What is really strange is I bought the Artful Blogging mag today and was going to look at that tonight after dinner. And I see you are in that too.

    I think I was meant to find you today!!

    Thank you for sharing your art.

  8. Send off an e mail to Staci...and let her know.(I am sure they would want that information and would gladly send another copy to you)..I am running out tomorrow and getting the magazine...CONGRATS TO YOU SHARON...
    I am excited to add that I will be in the May issue!

  9. I just picked up my copy on Friday, Sharon and your piece in it is fantastic! I hope that Somerset gets you sorted, but in the meantime I can pick you up a copy if you need it. I am not sure you have a B&N close or not... smiles!

  10. hi sharon~ Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing with me what happened with you. That makes me feel a little better! :) I was getting all anxious each day that went by. lol!

    It's great to be in the same issue as you and I will stop by and visit your lovely blog now.


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