Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Ends

I don't have much to show for my weekend.
Just lazied around.
Watched movies.
Played a little art on the couch.
Just cutting stuff.
I made a Cookie Can for the Princess.
We miss her.
Also, played with paper dolls and mailing envelopes for them.
Started one canvas but didn't paint one stroke...just sketched.
Floors didn't get blessed.
I'm getting good at that.
Early to bed.
I have a busting ear ache.
Don't remember ever having one.
Will see doc tomorrow.
Borrowed a friends camera to try out.
Tried it.
Like it.

More later,


  1. Sharon what fun a lazy weekend. We all need on of those every now and then.
    Love the envelope and the cookie can.
    Have a great week.

  2. The Princess will be thrilled!
    You know, lazying around is so part of the creative process! I call it succulating... which to me means "percolating with succulence" :-) We can't do and make all the time. Sometimes we just need to be and take things in. Having said that, you were quite productive this weekend!

  3. Your lazy weekend looks quite productive to me. Love the Valentine theme of things.


  4. Seems you had a wonderful lazy weekend. I always love your cookie cans. I bet the people in the post office really get smiles on their faces when one of those cans gets mailed!

  5. Nora, Your work is Gorgeous! I love your paper doll and paintings and journals. So nice to find you.

  6. Sharon - I hope your ear ache gets better quickly! I so love the cookie can and the envelope for Retro Pinkie!!! That alone is gorgeous without the fun inspiration inside. Congrats Rosemary!

  7. Pinkie has a beautiful envelope, when I saw it I got so excited. Can't wait to see it in person. You are so generous. Hope you feel better now.

  8. That tin is too precious.....Does the princess have these cans lined up in her dorm? What kind of cookies do you put in them?

    Movies for me, too, this weekend..not much art..but it was all good.

    Hope your ear is o.k. That's a pain that is very hard to ignore.

    xo RElla

  9. Just read down through the entire paper doll story....she is wonderful! Enjoyed seeing the progression!

  10. Well, I'm back. Another day over at the desk.. and I was wondering how you are feeling with that ear?? I hope the meds kick in and you are feeling chipper quickly.
    Sending good health thoughts to you
    xo Rella

  11. Love is in the air, right? :-)
    Beautiful pinks and fun idea with the pringles, I love decorating pringle packages!

  12. I like it. So tell us about the camera.

  13. I still enjoy looking at Retro Pinkie and the beautiful envelope....just wanted to see if you're feeling better - hope so.

  14. fabulous eye candy. i am greatly enamoured of the mail art but the tube ain't half bad too. lucky someone!

  15. I was sure I had left a message here earlier in the week...Hmmm!!!
    I hope you are feeling better. An ear ache is no fun.
    Your cookie can is wonderful, with or without cookies...and I love the envelope...lucky recipient :)

  16. Is this a PRINGLES can?? Oh my! My son's will eat the last of the chips and before throwing away any of the cans will ask, "mom - do you need this for any of your artwork?" =)

    Mine still look like Pringles cans - Buffalo wing; baked potato; sour cream and onion...

    Your's are stunning!


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