Sunday, June 14, 2009


"I am Queen of my Castle"
"dare to be a princess"

I must tell you that I have been a "stretched canvas snob". By that I mean I would never think of painting any serious work of ART on a canvas board. No not me. I guess it goes back to my oil painting days when the bounce in the canvas felt so right with the brush and oil paint. And canvas boards were just too too didn't bounce.

I may be a convert to canvas boards and I guess the first thing to admit would be to question whether or not these new little paintings are "serious works of ART".

They are on 8 x 10 cheap canvas boards.
I have discovered for acrylic, mixed media, multi layer collage, and stamping, they are perfect.
Because they don't bounce.

Besides that, this size fits in my scanner so nicely.

I will be adding these originals to my etsy and hopefully before the day is over.
I have already made prints and they are beautiful too.

Lady Cardinal update: This morning I kept checking to see if she was on the nest or if I had missed her. At 7am, I ran to check again and just as I approached the window, she flew in an landed on a little branch. She peered in as though counting her eggs. I was sure she saw me because she flew to a nearby branch. I slithered into the corner out of her sight and waited. Sure enough, she returned. I stood in hiding and watched for 25 minutes. A couple of times I was sure she had laid number three but she didn't leave. Finally, I left for my camera and when I returned, she saw me and flew.
I have just checked and she is back on the nest............


  1. girrrl, you're killing me. oh my goodness! i'm in LOVE. these are gorgeous, sharon. i can't get over the juxtaposition of the wacky, colorful houses (be still my heart) and the elegant depth of the women (....clear!.....clear!....). And the queen- she has your deep, intense eyes, too. my second thought after i caught my breath was "woa. sharon's looking at me!". oh i hope i can get my hands on one of these!!! ♥

  2. what beautiful new work! their eyes are electric. the houses are candy-bright and perfect. it's as if the houses are their hearts. really wonderful.

  3. i know exactly what you mean about canvas/board
    i thought the same way canvas ONLY!
    until recently i used a board instead. I loved it..everything about the way it felt painting on it to the way everything blended.

    These 2 pieces are gorgeous!...their faces draw you right in.

  4. Sharon, these pieces are wonderful!

    The nest is beautiful!

  5. You were so right aboout the paintings; I DO love them. I love the funky, naive castles and softly imperial women with their faraway eyes. I also love the color and looseness of your new journal pages, and I have a confession to make: although I love gallery wrappedstretched canvases, I sometimes paint on wood, canvas boards, and even cardboard, in a pinch.

  6. I adore these...self portraits :)
    I hardly ever see into a nest and had no idea just how beautiful Cardinal eggs are. Thank you for showing them to us.
    Do you have your own chickens? Is that why you wash eggs?

  7. They are beautiful. Your art is amazing.

    Renee xoxo

  8. Fantastic new paintings and I love the theme! They look quite textured too on the canvas board, I like that...
    and MORE beautiful eggs from Mrs. Bird. Arent you lucky!

    Jacky xox

  9. Oh my goodness, Sharon. These are my favorites I think of all your art. Of course every time you put something new up it's my favorite. Love the update on our little mommy bird.

  10. Sharon, Love your paintings! And those boards...they are really good for mixed media...betcha we could think of other uses too! I'm into this "repurposing" thing. Whatever you paint works for me!!! About the eggs....I wonder how many will be in this nest?? I'd be watching all the time and wouldn't get a thing done. I'm tuning in for the next episode!! pat

  11. I love your art. "dare to be a princess" is my favorite of the two. Mama bird just does not realize what a friend she has in you. Thank you for posting.

  12. Wow Sharon these are your best in my eye. I LOVE your castles, so quirky and colourful. I love all of the design combinations and patterns.

  13. I just love these two! Bounce or not! You always do such amazing things. I continue to be enthralled.

    yapping cat

  14. I always tell you the same but is true..Your work I LOVE It..I have used canvas board also. The only thing is, How do you frame them? I have several because they aaaaare so cheap..
    I love her eggs.

  15. Isn't it great to discover something you love - even if it is a sort of rediscovery ;-) And speaking of love, these are delicious.

  16. These are wonderful! I love the colors and the designs. As far as canvas boards, I have used them. I look at this way, it's about the artist and the talent.

  17. Sharon!! your style is developing into some really pretty pretty works!!!I'm loving these newest pieces!!

  18. Sharon,

    For someone who was going to stop blogging for awhile you sure have been prolific. I am enjoying that. I love the princess and queen paintings, Dull of such fun and energy.


  19. The princess and the queen are so captivating, such competition must go on at the castle with two beauties, there mut be mirrors on every wall, and I cannot say who is the fairest. I do love the princess's neck so much. I have been here to look at them several times as I do so like the shadows on their faces. It takes much study to see the careful blending.

    I have been using med weight watercolor paper as it also scans well. A good coating of gesso makes for a good surface and I mix the acrylic with the gesso to start the background colors.

    I spoke of the bird nest I found in the garden that had 5 eggs and from different birds, I see the eggs are gone that were bigger and the two that belong to the tiny sparrow have hatched. No sign on the ground of the other eggs. I guess Ms. White throat has boundries.

    Thanks so much for the great blogs of the past week so enjoy them.

    Hot up North, Emelie

  20. Sharon.......your work is so peaceful. It calms me just to look at it. You are such a treasure for keeping us updated on the nest of eggs.
    I am completed my sunflower quilt and am binding it now...
    LuAnn in Oregon

  21. These castle pieces are wonderful Sharon!! I LOVE the castkes, and the faces you paint are all quite extraordinary. The 'princess' piece is especially appealing to me. thanks for sharing all this beauty here.
    BTW I LOVE working on canvas 'takes a licking and keeps on ticking', with props to John Cameron Swazey...........


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