Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mail and Me

My BBFF is not blogging at the moment but let me tell you, she is alive and well. I have the proof. I know you will recognize the ART on this artful mail I received yesterday.

Here is a clue. Her name starts with "Z". We are involved in a journal swap and she sent me her book so I can Play ART in it. You know I'll show when I do. And then, in July, I will take it to her.
Thought you might want to see the short hair "me". Unfortunately, all the sagging is still there.

Also, I have listed a new Castle Tower print that is now available. ........and

......don't forget this

here ye.
here ye.
I have a special this week.
It is my own Etsy hide and seek game.
One of my listed prints is available with free shipping.
Find the listing and you will know which one.
It is the only listing with zero shipping.
It's a deal
If you want a second item,
I will refund the shipping after paypal confirmation.
recap: I chose the first item (you can find it) and you choose the second item (if you want it)

Thanks and expect,



  1. you look good with short hair, and I dont see any sagging.

  2. ooh cool short haircut for summer..
    ahhhh that will keep the breeze blowing on your neck!!!
    you look wonderful.. though a smile would of been even nicer.

  3. lovely mail art...i wish she was still blogging! can't wait to see what you're up to, and love that short hair and your strong eyes.

  4. Sharon, what a beautiful gift...makes me ashamed I did not decorate my envelope to you! darn!

    Btw, how is your birdnest watching coming along?

  5. Is that the envelope? Wow!!

    Your hair looks fun and fabulous for summer.

  6. delurking to say you're beautiful with those strong, solemn eyes of yours :)
    found your blog recently and I'm loving your art, especially the castle tower stuff.

  7. Nice mail art! Can't wait to see what you add to the book.

    And you look great with short hair too!

  8. I like the short! And so much cooler for summer! :D

    yapping cat

  9. I love the short-haired you!!! So cool and trendy looking.

    That envelope is fabulous!! WOW, I bet all of the postal workers had a fun time passing that around for a little look-see.

  10. Sharon, I nearly never post but read & love your art everyday! Had to say I love the new haircut on you I wear mine the same). So much faster to wash and be ready to play! And yes, the nose on your new girl is really nice but then I thought all the others were too. While I'm gushing, might as well say that I love all your art and esp. like the video's so I can try to follow along and learn, too!
    Happy day!

  11. Beautiful picture, I love the short hair! Sagging? what sagging? I see a lovely artist full of creative wisdom-sharing it with her friends, keeping watch over the birdies and living fully. :-)

  12. The lovely Zorana... how lovely to catch up again in July and look forward to seeing some of your art journals. You must have been so excited to see that package in your mail box!
    Your short hair cut looks lovely and fresh (I think you are the only one who sees any sagging...arent we all so self critical).

    Sending love,

    Jacky xox

  13. Sharon you are beautiful. You kinda look like me only you are prettier.

    I love your friends art. Wow.

    Guess what came in the mail. YOU GUESSED IT. They are fantastic. Better even than I expected. I love them, thank you so much.

    Sharon a little dilemma and I was so pissed off at the Canadian Customs, they charged me an additional $40 I had to pay to get the package and now I am appealing it. I am just telling them it was a gift. Is that okay.

    Have the birds hatched yet?

    Love Renee xoxo

  14. Love your new short haircut. You look beautiful and your new art is lookin' fine, too.

  15. Just look at your beautiful face and your eyes are just drop dead gorgeous!! Oh yea, like the short hair!! I hope that my gray comes in as beautifully as your glorious silver!!!!! Your work is so very happy and you set me on a happy journey through my day whenever I visit!!!

  16. It was great to see some of Zorana's work. I sure miss her. You look great.



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