Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back Home

I'm back home and have rested somewhat. That return flight after days of creativity is a killer. My friend Zorana (yes, go ahead and click on that) loved her apron. But she won't use it. She's crazy.
I have been blessed. I had a wonderful opportunity to go on a Day Journey with Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick. It was a journey of a lifetime. I had my own mission, which was to try things new to me and yet could apply to expand what I already do. The first day was with Judy. Katie got to take the class too and I just happened to get this wonderful hands in action photo.

Judy's class was all about plaster and our first piece was to be abstract. Plaster new to me. Abstract new to me. Yeah, I know I had to stick that leaf impression in there. Can you say comfort zone?

Our second piece was more of a mixed media (getting comfortable here) on plaster with collage and transfers and all that. I still have trouble with collage. I can't explain it but it is an uncomfortable feeling inside my chest that I feel. Anyway, you should have heard the sigh of relief when I discovered that I had thrown in some napkin fragments.

This is an extra board prepared with the first layer. I will continue working on it at home and am very anxious to do that.
I have so much more to share and will; however, this morning my time is up. Time to get ready for the non-ART desk.
Expect things you want,


  1. oh wow!!! both paintings are wonderful! the "more comfortable" painting is so rich, sharon. and, i'm so glad that you had a super time and also that we get you back!

  2. Welcome home, and I can feel your motors running, exciting to see the paintings and mixed media work,of course I love them your work always vibrates with beautyand sends messages of your excitement in doing it.

    Of course seeing the plaster is another excitement as I just got some nice rubbing plates in the mail and I think using the reverse side would work on the plaster. I have some as I did collage on some styrofoam stars once at Christmas with presses objects into that plaster.

    Looking forward to more about lovely friends and creative spirits.

    Can paint today it rained lovely rain on all the gardens.

    Less stress here, Emelie

    Reminder not to use lovely so often

  3. I had to stop in to tell you that meeting you was such a joy!!! I am SO glad we all had those couple of hours to finally chat, laugh and get to know one another. AND to see your art in person, hear your explanations was amazing!!!!! I really wish now I'd found a way to take the workshops.
    It was all so easy and comfortable and I truly hope we have the opportunity again. *think Darla's mountain house".
    I posted about our coffee time and did show a photo of the 3 of you BUT with a twist.(I know how I am about MY own pic)

  4. Yes, my friend, I am crazy... but for different reasons. Not for refusing to splatter paint on that beautiful apron. What fun we had! It was so great to see you create beauty with new tools. You make it look so easy...

  5. While you were playing in Los Gatos I was playing with your painting faces with crayons videos and spreading the word of it!

    Your art project is wonderful! I love the texture and the collage!

  6. How cool for all you famous artists to hang out together and create! Wooo!

  7. Well, I'm glad you had fun and got home safely. Looks like you had a good "learning experience." And getting out of our "comfort zones" IS hard, isn't it? I'm not good at it. But, you, dear friend, also exceed my expectations!!! Have a great week, pat

  8. Hey Sharon, it was great meeting you last week! I just love the works you created in class--and so glad that you enjoyed the workshops. I also wanted to thank you for reminding me of the napkin 'trick'--I'd done that so long ago and I'd forgotten how magical it is! When everyone left, I started digging around and gluing napkins everywhere--lol!! Hope to see you again sometime! Keep in touch, cindy

  9. How lovely to see Zorana again and her apron looks divine!!! I dont know if I could use it either, I think I would need have to display it (for a while at least). How lucky to be able to spend some time with her again.
    And how lucky to spend time at those workshops and learn new techniques. Love the plaster. Had a play with that with Stephanie Lee when she was in Australia.

    Next year we have Judy Wise at the retreat and I have booked in with her for three day...looking forward to learning more about encaustic wax etc.

    Great post!

    Jacky xox

  10. Beautiful post, Sharon and so wonderful to feel a real connection to you now that I've looked into your eyes and have seen how photos don't do you justice. I admire your work so much and love how you spread the joy to all around you. Thank you for coming to the party. xo

  11. Sharon, I have to ask, how is mama bird doing? Babies yet?


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