Saturday, July 04, 2009

More Potions

Two days enjoyed and one more to go.
I haven't done any
of the need to dos
or have to dos
or want to dos
or can dos
I just made "Love Potions"


  1. Wonderful Sharon!!! Love your latest creations!! Glad you are playing in the paint and enjoying yourself! I spent this afternoon painting the cover of an altered book and it turned out so neat!! Love it when a plan comes together!
    Enjoy your weekend and keep on creating!! hugs, Sue K

  2. So glad you are having an Art weekend! I think your love potions are great!

  3. Glad you're doing what you enjoy this weekend! These are great potions!!

  4. Your love potions are all wonderful, Sharon. I like them a lot! Hope you're having a fun weekend! :)

  5. They are a true potion, meant to get all artists moving with something pretty when mundane things keep you in the day of just having to do. If we all did one we would have it to admire, it would make us feel good. (Talking to Myself)

    We went to an art show on the 4th and saw lovely things, such creativness in so many people, such beauty and color and it seemed artists wer content with themselves and their presentation of work.

    Strawberry shortcake with a real biscuit is delicious but doesn't not last as long as a lovely work of art. Emelie

  6. Sharon,
    Your new art pieces of flickr are wonderful! I also love the apron.


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