Friday, March 07, 2014

Hand challenge

One Hundred Faces
Dime Size Face No 22
One Hundred Faces
Faces in the scheme of things
You ask if I am painting directly on the board or if I'm painting the little papers and then glueing them down. 
I glued all of the random size papers onto the board first.
The format is very similar to Hundertwasser's piece,  #134 Ninty-Nine Heads.
I am painting the faces in a random order moving around on the board.

One Hundred Faces
Face No 22
I believe I mentioned bordom yesterday. 
That just always means I must try something different. 
I challenged myself with this tiny hand.
Love it!


  1. Oh holy meatballs! That is amazing...I tried a mini portrait yesterday, man it was a challenge...and not that tiny ( some funky measurement of a bit bigger than 1x1.5 inches)! I am not going to show it anywhere but wanted to get a feel of what you are doing firsthand, so to say. So now I am even more impressed than before, and my eyes were a bit strained and my arm was sore. So, I will stick to bigger works...Carroll

  2. Thanks Carroll. I use a magnifying glass in my left hand and sometimes I find myself straining to see through it and my neck and head begin to hurt. Then I discover that it is my hand that is holding it and can move my hand instead of straining my head and neck. That is in the zone. Maybe. I like the challenge but am wondering how it will effect me when I paint larger again. I still have quiet a few in this size range on my board.
    Hooray! that you did try and I think you definitely should share.


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