Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Can't Help It

That's right, I can't help it. I just loved you looking over my shoulder last night as we were up late working on this journal cover.

I didn't get to go home early yesterday. But I did stay on my feet and off the couch after I got there.
It is not finished yet. I just wanted to "show" where I am so far.
Now this bit of "tell" (show & tell), you probably won't get; but it's about the fact that Norah'S always listening to me. I had no idea that she was listening when I told you in an earlier post something about anxious for my next painting and bet I would be using the scroll pattern......
Well, she was and early Monday morning she reminded me. It's so perfect.
I will finish tonight for sure as I am very excited about how this is going.
More later,


  1. Gorgeous... I feel so happy looking at this. Thank you for sharing the process.

    Hope you're having a great day.


  2. always! I do love your books.

  3. OH-SO-BEAUTIFUL!!! I love looking at the way you work! The new lady has the most interesting face :-)

  4. I'll be here tonight to see what it looks like too. I'm so excited about it you'd think it was going to be mine.

    Don't let anyone borrow the camera :-)


  5. Wow this is looking fabulous. I'll be watching over your shoulder tonight to see the end result.

  6. i love your scrools...acanthus designs are my very favorite...yours are so special in combination with are a designer...blessings, rebecca

  7. The book looks great! As expected.
    That's what the muse does! Reminds us not to forget (I need several)
    I think I recognize those sunflowers.
    I'll bet you are already planning your next work of art.
    suze :)

  8. Sharon.....I love this swirls and curls:D Just beautiful!!!! Thanks for your comments on my blog.....Yes, I do sleep, but am a pretty fast seamstress and avoid zippers and sleeves whenever possible.....LOL! Yes, I have definitely overdone it with Margo's clothes, but just love making them.......what's a grandma to do?

  9. Oh my! I love it when you share with us as you go!! Such gorgeous and Norah make a fabulous team. ;) smiles...

  10. Beautiful and warm, as always! I love all the layers in this and the scrolls are definitely eye-catching.

  11. UUUUhhh ahhhhh!! Love it!! thanks for sharing. And a great BIG thank you for sharing the process.

  12. It's lovely. so very pretty. all I could say was WOW when I first saw it.

  13. I love it too! Are you going to share what the inside looks like to?


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