Monday, November 12, 2007


It is a dilemma. You see I can't tell without showing and I can't show without telling. I know, It's stupid. There is more. What I want to tell has nothing to do with what I am showing. And what I'm showing, I don't want to tell about. And there is the Dilemma.

Here is what I want to tell. I am the recipient of a huge and I mean huge complement. Actually, two huge complements. If you have not been to Zorana's today, please go now. Just click on her name. She has flattered me beyond imagine with what she has done. You must see it. It will take your breath.

Now the second complement is from a Gloria L. I don't know who she is. I think she lurks. I like that. She left a huge complement to me in a comment at Donna Downey's blog.
Anne Marie tipped me off in her comment on my "Saturday" post.

Thank you, Zorana and Gloria L. I am a thrilled recipient of your generous words.

Thank you Anne Marie and everyone who stops by and says hello. Of course, I love lurkers too....cause I am guilty of lurking as well. Your presence inspires me.

OK, an explanation of the fairy bust show. Can I just tell you that while cleaning up the leftover mess from the gift journal, I got distracted by these things. Yes, I picked up the camera, as I do, and found this little "photo session" to be very relaxing.

More later,



  1. Hhmm the fairy bust loooks very interesting!

  2. Sharon, these compliments are so well deserved! I love your little fairy photos. The bust is exquisite. Stills that just happen are the best, aren't they? :-)

  3. Isn't it thrilling to think that others are listening and learning from you? As a teacher, there is No GREATER Compliment:D Congrats on all the kind words said about deserve them:D

  4. I second those nice sentiments. You deserve them all.

    Now let's see whats going to happen with that fairy bust.


  5. you so deserve inspire us somuch...we allwant to paint like you...blessings, rebecca

  6. Oh my goodness, you're right.. I'm not sure what you're spinning here, but I love that she's got butterfly wings and she's sitting on music! We should all sit on music don't you think! And yes I would agree you're very deserving.

  7. Kate at Violette's gave a shout out and I am so glad she did!!!

    I've been looking around and I love your art!!!

    Have a Blessed Week!


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