Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Good Fortune Journal
Isn't that a good fortune to have?
A fortune cookie reminded me that I have it.
Here is an unfinished page. I think she is pretty even in this unfinished sketch. So, I wanted to share her. I found a few artful moment yesterday morning to do this before leaving the house. Then, when I got home after five, I finished it. I will show you the finished page tomorrow.
Will you come back to see it?
I love your visits. And I am so appreciative of your beautiful comments. Thank you.
More later,


  1. Oh! She is amazing! I thought that she was finished... Good that you took that photo, it is really, really lovely.

  2. This is beautiful, Sharon. You are doing such awesome work lately.
    And of course, I'll be back for the finished product.

  3. She is so peaceful and beautiful. See you tomorrow to see her finished

  4. Beautiful, its like you are reading my mind. In the book I am writing I just developed a Chinese female character. This could be her. I think maybe I need to start drawing my characters it will make them more real. See you gave me the idea. I can't wait to see her completed,. I am sure she'll be even more lovely. is this a handmade journal you are using?

  5. it looks finished to me sharon!
    so subtle and delicate.
    but i'll be back to see the final result.
    i love your altered books!!

  6. oh i love her just like she is...but i am sure your finished will be as beautiful...blessings, rebecca

  7. Yes, I also thought she was finished. She is beautiful. I'll be back as I am everyday to see what you are artfully up to.
    suze :)

  8. She is wonderful and somehow subtle in her current state. I really enjoy seeing your work in different stages, watching it progress.

    Will I be back? You bet!


  9. these are gorgeous.


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