Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rose Garden

"Portrait In My Rose Garden"
I get up at the crack of dawn on the weekends. The house is quiet. I make coffee and go straight to my studio. I'm always ready and inspired to finish or start ART.
On weekdays, I languish in bed, awake, but languish none the less. Starting my day by catching up on all that is going on in my world near and far is just a way to delay what has to be done. Go to work.
This week, I have discovered that I can bounce out at the crack of dawn on weekdays too.
I have discovered 30 to 45 minutes to add to my Artful day.
I have discovered that sometimes it is a good thing to clear the way with a few hours of restful slumber.
Last night the rose garden butterfly had landed centered below her chin.
While we rested, it flitted to her shoulder.
If you wonder where my in sketch inspiration came from. Go here. I just could not stop looking at the head wrap. One thing always leads to another. Always.
More later,


  1. You've done it again.....seriously, I have simply run out of adjectives. Superb, outstanding, brilliant! ok, there's some!
    Love it, love the head wrap and your inspiration.
    p.s. I get up early and go right in the studio now. It's sublime!

  2. Such a wonderful image. Thanks for sharing the link too, the photo's there are stunning.

    Watch the mail for a trial postcard :-)


  3. Sharon Yet another gorgeous artwork from you. You are so talented. Thanks for the link it was a great site to look at.

  4. Love this one....your work just amazes me...oh and your dedication to it.

  5. This is again just so gorgeous! I love the damask background! smiles...

  6. These are adorable Sharon, such gorgeous colours and I love the head gear.

  7. Very funky head gear, the black and white really offsets the colour - looks great.


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