Thursday, November 22, 2007


I am so thankful for a very relaxing filling day. I even worked in a little painting and for today, I will call her "Thankful". I like showing my little pencil sketch and it was done during one of those day dreaming, zoned out, moments at the desk last week. Before I started painting her I received this wonderful little packet from Darla with napkins, a vintage photo, a very generous roll of vintage wallpaper border and a very sweet note. Well you see I have already put the vintage paper to use.
Oh, I must tell you that the little Santa postcard was mailed separate. Darla reused a greeting card to make it. You can see it on her blog too but she needed encouragement to trust the post office without an envelope. See Darla, it arrived in beautiful shape. I loved getting it.
More later,


  1. Sharon, I am a lurker of your blog and in awe ofyour talent.
    Could you please letme know where I can find the instructions for the altered board books - I have lostthe link
    Marelle (Australia)
    You have inspired me to try!

  2. Great postcard, and good on you for encouraging the sending of naked mail LOL

  3. For Marelle (Australia)
    the link for the altered board books

    I hope that helps and thanks for asking.

  4. I love each and every face you bring to life!

  5. What a thoughtful and perfect parcel to send to someone so deserving as you. Immediately it becomes pure loveliness in your hands.
    p.s. I must play with napkins!

  6. I am so grateful for your artistry and for being able to enjoy it here :-)

  7. nice goodies you got from your friend:)
    i am just in awe of your beautiful art work!! it is truly wonderful and i am so glad you popped in to say hi so i could visit you and see all of this fabulousness!!!

  8. you can do more with a napkin than anyone i know...and i am so rpoud to have an original...lucky me...darla is such a sweetie...blessings, rebecca

  9. Hello Norah, I am french and I wanted to say to you : I like much your blog.
    (I'm sorry, but my english is very bad) I make me also altered book, yours is superb, I like your painting, your colors.
    So long, and thanks

  10. Oh my goodness! You barely got the package and you've made something beautiful using some of it already? You GO girl!

    Glad to see the postcard. I've sent "mail art" through the mail before but not with glitter and a glued on charm, that's what I worried about. Glad you encouraged me to test it.


  11. I love the pouty look on her face. She's beautiful!


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