Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Sunday, before my wonderful four days of rest were over, I did another page in my new Good Fortune Journal. The tree illustration was on the page. That's all, just the tree. The page was driven by the "Energy" stencil. I just wanted to make a statement to myself that I did have energy and that was my good fortune Sunday.

I don't want this to be a long post but I do want to tell my story.

I had another project "started" a while back.....October. I had cut out these little ole mes and the little chairs. Once-and-for-all, I decided to abandon that "started" project for-ever-more. Permission granted.

What the heck? I'll just glue these down in this little book and see what happens.

So I did, along with other bits and pieces. Just fun play. Yes sir re. That's what it was about. ART Play.

It wasn't until yesterday that I started thinking... in the shower. You know where the door has been scrubbed and I can now see clearly. Well I thought how curious it was that I had used Myself sitting in a chair on a page about energy. Not once but twice. Then I remembered that I had spent the middle two days of my holiday sitting in a chair just as blank as could be. That little devil......Norah's sitting there too. I guess Norah's mind wasn't blank. I imagined here conjuring up this whole little page and project all the while just sitting in the chair with me.

For those of you who do not know, Norah'S my muse. She is me and she surprises me all the time with stuff like this. Just like that butterfly that was added in the middle at the bottom of the page. I had to stop with the picture taking to glue it down. She insisted. Well then I had to take another picture.

So, since this turned out to be about my muse, I decided to join in Michelle Ward's Street Team Crusade No 14. For more good stuff about everybody's muse go to the Street Team site.


  1. Sometimes our best ideas come when we are very still and quiet. Love the little "you" on the chair.

  2. Great pages. I like that border on the left - a stamp?

    Love the use of the photo's. Looks like these pages are where they were meant to be placed.


  3. Sharon (and Norah) thanks for sharing your Muse with the Team! Great pages, loved hearing the story behind them.

  4. Cool format of this book, and I really like the pages!

  5. I love your little book...the little Norah is adorable...as is the big Norah, I am sure! Did you illustrate the tree? Too cute!

  6. love this little book - and the you littles too - nice Muse story...

    xox - eb.

  7. Love it! The imagery is great...Love the Norah/Sharon connection on the page! smiles...

  8. I really enjoyed reading about you and Norah and your inner creative companionship. When I write poetry it is this way, disparate words and images feel like gifts or scraps just floating around and when it all comes together I wonder, "who in there did that?" You have inspired me to give thought to my inner muse. Thanks again! jodi barone

  9. Excellent journal pages, love the layering effect you've acheived!

  10. NICE ENERGY on these pages! Love them. . .


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