Sunday, November 11, 2007


Reporting a great weekend.

The grands caught some fish.

The son mowed for me.

The daughter was her usual sweet hardworking self.

The granddaughter spoiled rotten princess was happy for a Nanacure. She said, "Why spend big bucks for a pedicure when you can come home and get a Nanacure. And it's better too."
She also needed some of these.
The Book has been delivered.
I did photograph the book and will put all the rest of the photos in a Flickr set during the coming week.
Very tired now.
I'm thinking.......what's next.
More later,


  1. This is a darling book you have done,bravo!

  2. What a fun weekend you all had. I think I would come home for some of those cinnamon rolls too!
    The book looks great. The colours are fabulous.

  3. Now I know why you call her princess Ashley! What a great connection you two have! The journal is amazing and it's wonderful that you had the time to finish it and enjoy your family. xo

  4. o.k. the cinnamon rolls!! yummm. That would make for a fun and easy Thanksgiving morning morsel...I will try it. Thanks!!

    That book, amazing, truly beautiful, Sharon. You are the Queen of art books I do believe. Did you have certain parameters or could you do anything you wanted?

    I enjoyed your comments this morning...too funny. And I think you should try the birds. They are really lots of fun...and they could be done from free form bird drawings on cardboard, don't you think? especially as ornaments.

    xo Rella

  5. The book looks fabulous! I am so glad that you were able to finish it and a Nanacure!? I used to do my Nana's nails for her when I was a teen. That was a wonderful memory. Please thank Ashley for me!

  6. Forget the cinnamon rolls...the book looks YUMMY!Great job! I worked on my alterd book last night and it's almost finished. I also finished my nephew's cityscape.
    suze :)

  7. Oh, I forgot, yummy and NO calories!!!

  8. When things go out the door do you experience a feeling of relief? I know sometimes I do. I may really like the finished product but if it is something that takes a lot of work I'm kind of happy to see the end of it.

    What's next? Whatever it is, it will be inspiring I'm sure.


  9. the most beautiful of, rebecca

  10. Wow Sharon, your book is divine.


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