Friday, November 30, 2007

More Bamboo

Good Fortune Journal

Now that I have painted more bamboo, I shall move on to something else. But you can be sure that bamboo will most likely, probable, almost for sure, more than likely show up on my next canvas.

When I say, "move on to something else", I mean I have to start with the seasonal chores. My list is long and I keep trying to include ART on the list.
Like Christmas cards, Christmas stamps, new Christmas tree decorations, Christmas cookies, Christmas cookie cans and homemade Christmas presents. I think I have waited too long to start. I'll save the other part of the list for....
More later,


  1. This is such a beautiful journal. Is it yours for writing in? The bamboo is so perfect and the colors are stunning. It looks like something I'd find in a great book shop we have a few miles away. Glorious.
    xo Rella

  2. Your Good Fortune Journal gets better with every page. Each page gives me a little lift in spirits. Isn't it great to focus on the good things in our lives?


  3. The bamboo is beautiful. It always seems so spiritual to me for some reason. The writing on your page is so true.

  4. It is beautiful and stunning. It took my breath away. I love the bamboo and I hope to see it again in your work. XoxoxoX Wyanne

  5. The bamboo is lovely. Looking forward to seeing the Christmas things you will share.

  6. Sharon,I have an award for you at my blog, so come on over and pick it up! It's the You make Me Smile award...coz you make me smile.
    suze :)


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