Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good Fortune

I think I am about to rattle incoherently.

I sat Friday and most of Saturday with a blank mind.

Looking into a window-like screen with obsession. Watching more than once the same offerings. Why do they do that?

For blank minds?

Feeling guilty.

Wasting precious time.
Discovering with help from bbff (best blogger friend forever) that it is OK.

Saturday morning I scrubbed the shower door.
Now I can see through.

It was like clearing the blankness away.

When the door was finished, I stepped out of the blankness.

And whacked my hair again.

It doesn't matter.

I have wisdom.

"There Are Men Too Gentle To Live Among Wolves"

My new Good Fortune Journal.

And Cookie Cans for Miss Princess.

An extra for Elizabeth.

She 'hearts' my cans.

Special delivery.

Not mailing.

Stamps from "Meme" stamps.

Meme is my Amelia.

My Amelia is my Mother.
My Mother had wisdom.

Couldn't think about which photo to show.

Round things don't have an ending.

I have wisdom.

Before the day was totally gone, I painted.

Cans and paper.

I used my new stamp from RO.
I used a new napkin from Suzi.
I used Meme old postage stamps.
I used "Wisdom" stamp from Susan.
I used my wisdom.

I used inspiration to make a Good Fortune Journal.

I don't remember who.
I hope she will leave me a comment to remind me where I was probably weeks ago when inspired to make a good fortune journal.

It will be what it will Good Fortune
More later,


  1. Sharon, these colors are divine! The combo is so perfect that I felt I was looking at my first Griffin and Sabine (is that the right spelling I wonder) postcard book. Remember that one? Anyhow, the saying about men too gentle is very profound to my spirit today. Reading that was like walking along and suddenly being pulled - invisibly- to a dead stop. I am going to be thinking of that for hours. Although I love wolves (and have had a blog story about wolves) in the wild, I am thinking of the human wolves I am admidst sometimes. Hmmmmmm.

    Do you paint right on the cans or glue decorated paper? I may have missed a tut on that. I actually ate my way through two cans over the past two months. it was painful, but someone had to do it so I could send my youngest working his way through school in Connecticut.......cookies. I certainly could not put them in a regular box after you set the bar so high.
    xo Rella

  2. A Good Fortune Journal would be a great Christmas present for someone. They could start writing in it on Jan. 1.

    I don't think I inspired your journal but I did make an altered Good Fortune book some time ago. See it here


  3. Gorgeous - love the colour combos. The writing was wonderfully peacefully too.

  4. Yes Darla,
    You were the one. Your altered board book inspired me. I could only remember it was about good fortune and I thought at the time how cool.

    Everybody, check out the link

  5. Oh wow, just when I need a lift you post. I love this concept. I need to do one of these. I loved the quote of James Kavanaugh. I had to look him up of course I love how blogging does that for you. Opens up new worlds you didn't know existed.
    I have seen the cans on your blog before. These are really gorgeous. Since my daughter wants care packages and I haven't done much this year, maybe its time. Are you mailing them like they are or are they going into a box. I take it they are Pringles cans. I'd love to know how they well they travel.


  6. You definitely have wisdom... and talent.... and a way with words and brushes. Glad you're feeling better! I need a Good Fortune journal. I'll check the link now. xo

  7. Yes! These colors are awesome! What does Miss Ashley do with the empty cans? Do you get them back at some point to refill?
    suze :)

  8. Sharon, your talent is just so incredible. Visiting your blog each morning is like a special little gift. Love everything here, but esp. your words. You make the blog-world a better place. Thank you for the inspiration!!! smiles...

  9. I love the idea of a Good Fortune Journal and you executed it beautifully, as always, you wise woman! I have yet to do one of those Pringle cans...but the day will be a comin'...cause they are just way too cool. Cheers!

  10. Fabulous, fabulous colour Sharon, great designs too, so rich.

  11. The colors are my favorite! I need these colors on paper so I can just look at them for inspiration and to make my brain cells happy! The stamps, the writing...I am on brain overload right now! This is fantastic!


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