Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Have You Seen Me

Hiding In My Garden

12 X 6 X 1 3/8 gallery wrapped canvas
top image is a scan
bottom photo
in real life it is somewhere in between


  1. Wonderful. It seems to me your faces are getting more complex, have more depth, or... I can't quite find the word I need.

    Do you notice that? It is such a joy to see you maturing in your art.

    Darla (masquerading as an opinionated art critic, LOL!)

  2. It made me smile!!! Oh!How!Beautiful!

  3. You never cease to amze me! These are fantastic! Can you teach me how? lol Come on over and I'll put the coffe on, unless you prefer something stronger. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Whether scan or photo, I think it's beautiful.

  5. OMG have once again BLOWN ME AWAY with your fabulous art. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING you do creates inspiration, awe and "I wish I could do that" in me. You truly make it all seem so though you sit down...look at a canvas or a blank book or even a Pringles can..and POOF it's magic!!! How DO you do it??
    I smile broadly with each view!

  6. I love the richness of the colours dn the mystery of the half hidden lady. Gorgeous.

  7. What a beautiful piece. The colours are devine. It is so hard to take photos or scans and have them come out the right colour.

  8. I really really like it! Oh and my paper towel journal is finished and on my blog.
    Suze :)

  9. Wow! Look at all the gorgeous color on there. I just imagine that these are so incredibly gorgeous in person...they are beautiful online. smiles...

  10. Wow...I just found your blog and really love it!

  11. I just love what you have done with those curley "Q's".....great job as usual:D

  12. Wow,I'm in love with this piece!


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