Saturday, January 05, 2008

Days of Christmas Twelfth

On the Twelfth Night of Christmas
I give to you....

a plain paper ink jet print transfer demo

OK, by request and certainly not because I am any kind of expert at this, I am showing how I transfer an image onto canvas.

Here is what you need:

A canvas

An image printed on plain paper with and ink jet printer (my mother).

Golden Soft Gel (matte)

Also, note that you can do this same process using a photocopy from a copy machine that uses powder type toner.

Here I have cut out the part of the image that I want to transfer. Notice I have laid the image face down where I want to transfer it and drawn around it. This is so I will know where to put it once the medium is on it.

You have to work pretty fast because the paper seems to soak up the medium . The above picture shows medium over the photo. I used my finger to spread it. It is pretty thick and so after I took the picture I dipped my finger into the water jug and went over it quickly for a more even spread. You may also want to try brushing the medium onto the canvas and laying the image into it. I do both. Actually, I think I may prefer to paint the medium on the canvas instead of the image. But I don't seem to remember that.
You want to get quick good contact with the canvas. Start rubbing the image all over to accomplish this.
Here you can see the image start to show through more. Actually, I wet my finger very slightly and started rubbing over the image. You want to rub off the layer of paper and leave the ink on the canvas.
Here you can see that the paper is rolling off.
I'm not real happy about the place to the left of her nose and the chin that didn't transfer.
In other word, I may have been too aggressive rubbing or who knows?
Do not expect it to be perfect. It won't be.
Anyway, Norah'S just telling me it will be a better challenge...not to worry.
I love her.
More paper rolling off. Keep gently rubbing.

All the white layer is rolled off but I'm still rubbing.
Maybe I should quit but I don't because it is not smooth.
I keep rubbing until I have actually removed a layer of paper with ink on it.
Sorry that the lighting changed here but you can see that I kept rubbing until I ended up with a smooth layer of ink on the canvas.
Now, I'm going to go paint.
While the batteries are charging, I'm going to think about what I will do next.
I have a little bit of a sketch in mind.
I will try to take a few shots along the way.
Wish me luck.
I'm nursing a head cold. And when I say nursing it, I mean I am feeding it. I can't seem to stop eating. HELP.
If all goes well, I will be back tomorrow, the day of the Epiphany, with the finished canvas.
More later,


  1. The day of the Epiphany is called the Tretondedags Jul...the 13th day of Christmas. We have one more week of Christmas tree then the kids search it on the 13th find the goodies hidden in it and it goes away for another 365 days. I have a sister coming to visit me the 23 of January. She knows nothing of art supplies, so can you please tell me what Golden Gel Medium is...Maybe if I can tell her it is an " acrylic" or a foundation...she can understand enough to buy it for me. The transfer is wonderful! Thanks for thinking of us artistically impaired when you write!

  2. Thank you very much for this tip! *^v^*

  3. Another great tip and something I didn't know about. I'm sorry to see this end. Thank you ever so much for doing it.

  4. Busy, busy lady. Thank you for all the wonderful tips over the past few posts. I can't wait to get my issue of CPS, so looking forward to seeing your work. Have a very happy, healthy and creative 2008.

  5. What a fabulous tip Sharon.
    Thanks Alison

  6. Hey Teach.....I am getting worried that you are down with another 'bug' what is going on??? Hmmmmmm.

    This is a great post and I am jazzed to try this.....if nothing else, I might get a decent MOUTH from the process!!! I am looking forward to seeing how this piece of yours progresses. All twelve days of gifts from you have been awesome, generous, fun, and HELPFUL!!! Thank you so much and even if I wasn't the best student, I do believe I might be the most determined to pass. I did a little bit better mouth on my latest piece and am going to start another tonight. Oh, and I answered your e-mail only to find I never hit the 'send' button. Geesh. Now I can't remember what I said.

    xo Rella


  7. Dear Sharon
    Thank you so much for sharing your tips - they arethe best Christmas present I received!
    Only 3 weeks until my youngest starts schooland I am free for a few hours to trial all your tips
    Thank youthank you thank you
    Marelle (Australia)

  8. Another wonderful tip. I've tried this before and haven't had much success but I looked at my Golden's gel and the word "soft" doesn't appear on it. Maybe that's the trick that will help me.

    Thanks for taking the time to post all of these tutorials, you are a very generous artist.


  9. Thanks for the how-to! I have tried this with text and also on fabric. I love thinking about doing a canvas... oh my you are inspiring me to try some new things!

  10. Awesome tutorial... thank so much, Sharon. Looking forward to more in the future. I'm also enjoying your article in the new Artful Blogging. Congratulations on that! You INSPIRE me!! Ready to go PAINT!



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