Thursday, January 03, 2008

Eleventh Day of Christmas

On the Eleventh Day of


I give to you......

A tip on Eyes

Where are your eyes?

Isn't is amazing how we look

but don't see.

I'm back here with my newsprint advertisement models to make a point with you about where your eyes are.

This will be quick.

I drew a line through the eyes across each face.

Then I made a circle/oval from the chin to the top crown of the head.

Isn't it amazing that our eyes are right in the middle of our head.

Plain and simple. Right in the middle.

By the way, these super models are in a studio full of lighting from all directions; therefore the difference in value on their lips is a little harder to discern. But do notice the highlights on the lips. If you isolate (look) that small area, you will see that it is almost as white as their teeth.

Sometimes, I totally lose track of the program I'm watching because I get so totally distracted with studying all this.

Now tell me, have you been looking at lips?

When you draw, sketch, or paint, maybe you will find it helpful to lay the eyes in first right in the middle of the head.


When I decided to do a 12 Day of Christmas gift early in December, I didn't really know if I could do such a post every day.

Hey, I have almost made it with only one more gift to you this weekend and I hope you enjoyed it all. I know that i have enjoyed getting your comments and just know that I thank you ever so much.

I really thought it would be fun to end 2007 and begin 2008 by sharing.

That brings me to tell you that my resolution for 2008 is to feed the birds.

That's what I'm going to do.

Feed the birds.
More later,


  1. Sharon, thanks for these posts on lips and eyes!!! It's fun, and very useful. Now, do you think that knowing this I can now draw a decent face? LOL!

  2. Thanks for this tip as well as all the others. I really want to do more drawing this year.

    I'll be back for the last installment I don't get washed away in the storm we're having.


  3. Another great tip,Sharon! HMMM.... sharing...Sharon. Yes, I was noticing the lips and passed on the info to my DH.I have noticed artist's drawing faces,draw the head shape then draw a line across the center.I learned this so long ago and have completely lost it in my memory(?)bank.Thanks for renewing.
    Can't wait for the next tip.

  4. I just read through your entire list of "gifts" and they are truly informational as well as insprirational. I even bookmarked them to show my 15 year old daughter who is an artist and will definately benefit from them. (So will her Mom). What a kindly gesture! Thanks so very much adn hope your New Year is full of surprises adn blessings!

  5. I cannot see it! My eyes are in the upper third of my face, LOL! I look like Alfred E. Neuman with glasses! I swear I will make a more conscious effort to blog more, but up at the summer house, there is no cable or dsl which translates to no blogging!

  6. You have given us so many wonderful facts.
    Thanks Alison

  7. The tips on lips and eyes are worth everything! I'm going to be sad to see this all come to an end. I've learned so much and had fun doing it! Thank you for sharing all these tips with us. You're very generous.

  8. Thank you for letting me know where my eyes are! your simple resolution- feed the birds-
    Your killing me!!!! (love it)


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