Saturday, January 19, 2008

Party On

I'm still having a paper doll party......
But it is pretty quite here so I thought we might just switch gears and make ATCs.
I ask Fiona if she would like to swap ATCs.
So lets make some.

I had some paint chips that were almost the perfect ATC size.

I had to trim a little off and then I rounded the corner.

I gathered up some other bits and pieces that I thought I might glue down.

Oh Look!
I made Valentines.
Let's make valentines.

Great idea. Don't you think.
I ask Zorana to swap Valentines with me.
Well, I think I will go back and play some more.
I'm having a great time.
PJ says she has started her paper doll head and baked a cake too.
She is going to show us her progress tomorrow. Can't wait.
More later,


  1. You're just having a good ol' time, aren't you! Paint chips are so much fun to work with. I love all the colors and just can't resist grabbing a handful every time I'm at the store. Your creations are so pretty and valentine-y!

  2. Hey there party girl! I also hoard paint chips and do some fun things with them. I would love to trade an ATC with you. You have one of mine but I don't have one from you. I will make a Valentine one.Oh, the paper doll...she is coming along and I will post her on Monday's blog.
    Having a great time....need to get some snacks. I made a batch of fudge!
    See you later.

  3. LOL! I've painted valentine and done a basic body but what a great idea to put them together. I can tell you have been having fun!


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