Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Party

Hey, Glad to have you.
If you're just getting here, check out the first post today.
We're making paper dolls.
It's a party.

Maybe we got the cart before the horse by doing the hands first. But that happens at parties.

Having a little extra time at the desk yesterday, I started thinking about making paper dolls. It is something I have been resisting. I wanted to trade with my fRieNd rElLa so I jumped in.

I knew I wanted to use these legs and red shoes so I went to my photos and looked for a head that would work. She is one of my first sketches from way back in the beginning of blogging.

She is perfect for a paper doll.

I printed the images on card stock and then gave you a little tease.

That's all I managed to do yesterday.

I'm thinking you may have a stamp of a head to use or maybe an old vintage photograph that you can scan and print. How about something out of the ever-lovin advertisements in the newspaper. Or you could just do a quick little sketch. Same goes for feet.

I don't know how to tell you how to size all the components other than be a little girl playing with paper and
just play.
I wanted my paper doll to be heaver than card stock so I found a discarded bit of watercolor paper. It was a left over that I case.
I glued the images to the watercolor paper but forgot that the pattern on the paper was not waterproof and almost made a mess.
I decided that it would work and was good enough
I cut out the head and legs and painted a coat of Golden soft gel gloss. Totally optional step.
You should do your own thing.
We're having a party!
Fun little body coming next.
More later,

Don't you want some snacks? You sure are quite.


  1. I've started with my head and will post them tomorrow...also baked a stay tuned! This is a first for me and I'm having fun!

  2. Hi Sharon! I found you on Cath Sheard's blog comments page so I followed you here! Oh, my. What wondeful inspirations! Such fun.

  3. What a tutorial....gotta try!

  4. This is a great little paper doll !
    I am glad i'll found you ;o))
    Rini - the Netherlands


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