Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I was trying to get a better picture of the finished "Night Letter". I'm still not capturing the true color of the flesh tones but this one is better. Then I thought I would like to see the unfinished side by side with the finished so that maybe I could see where my Mother went.

The strangest thing happens to me when I have finished a painting. Especially one that has given the the pleasure of being "in the zone" as this one did. It is no secret that I am a real Chatty Kathy most of the time. I Can't help it that I do go on and on. Well kinda like right now.

So here is the weird thing, at these moments right after the signature on the painting, I just want to show and am not comfortable telling anything. I really did have so much more to tell about this painting. But now, I'm done.

Last night I watched a great movie. Sorry I can't tell you the name of it or what it was about because that is just the way I watch movies. Entertained "in the moment". But while the movie was going on, I am so proud to say that I disassembled Christmas and put it away. I really did like the tree sitting there with those words, "angel", "joy", "peace", "noel", "snow", and "merry". Right there in the middle of the room it didn't seem intrusive at all. I was real tempted to leave it up; however, if I did, I knew there was a huge chance that it would still be right there come next Thanksgiving. Just like the icicles that were left up from three years ago and the stocking hangers left up since last year. I put them all away. So, I am either way ahead of last year or way behind next year. I don't know.

I do believe I am going to make some more words and find a place to hang them in my house. Isn't that a good idea. You know how a lot of you are using a single word in lieu of a resolution. I wasn't going to do that. I'm having second thoughts now.

Last year, my words were focus and balance. I think I did focus on my art, but I'm a real failure on the balance part. So maybe this year I should repeat "balance" and I'm going to think of some more words to make and hang. Or maybe I will ask each person in the house to give me a word. That way if they are hanging out there where we all see them, we will all enjoy the benefit. Or maybe we will each "get" each other.

Well, OK I didn't mean to go on and on. I just wanted the side-by-side up there for me. Some of you have noticed that when your work is on the screen, you see more than in real life. Me too.

Again, I wish to thank you for commenting. It means the world to me. Truth is, I wouldn't get half as much done art wise if you weren't out there feeding my addiction to comments.
More later,


  1. I enjoyed your post today.The one word I have all over the place is "Laugh" and I like to make people laugh.
    Are you going to keep "MOM"?
    What would she think of your painting? I just love it.
    holy moly! my wv is jsdudqqw!
    What's up with that?

  2. Seeing the two versions side by side is interesting. I do enjoy seeing your creative process and I think it helps me to figure out my own.

    The idea of the words is great. I'll have to give it some thought as to what mine would be.

  3. I have to just say that I really enjoy the breath of fresh air with your post. It's real, and just like we we all sitting together and you were talking with us. I nod my head as I read and sometimes totally talk right out loud back to you...like I will say..."I KNOW!!...I GO THROUGH THAT, TOO!"...or, "geesh, my tree was up until May last year...what was THAT all about?"...so far I am not answering myself so that is a very good sign. Anyhow, you don't ramble, you 'talk' to us and I just love it.

    I love the idea of everyone in the family having a word for the tree. It feels like a great tradition to begin.

    xo Rella
    and suze...your wv is out there...mine at least looks like a word tonight ` einyeod. def:one who walks with eyes closed and mouth open.

  4. ooooh, the inspiration from your blog just fills me with possibilities. I have been so busy lately that I haven't had time for a proper visit although I have snuck little glimpses where I could.

    Sharon, you are so talented and so giving with your process and vision. I love your blog and thank you for sharing it with us.

    ...and I absolutely ADORE your latest piece!!! There is just something about striped stockings that just sets my heart aflutter. I love the photos as you go along...it makes it so much easier to see the depth and layers to the piece and appreciate it all the more!! Thank you!! smiles...

  5. Keep up the art work, please. I stop by most everyday to get my fix. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Here is another comment to keep it coming :) a word tree..what a neat thought. That was neat you could communicate how you get after the art is done. I love seeing your progress of your art. words for today post would be 'creative at it's best!'

  7. Its great to see the work in the beginning stages and finished. I can still see your "Mom" although the figure has taken on your on signature.

    If I had a word this week it would be "Hurry"... I don't intend to keep it any longer than I have to.


  8. Fabulous!! What is the size of this painting??? Long and thin...Love it!
    Thank you for the 12 gifts...a lot of food for thought as I venture into altering a little more!
    You are contagious!!!! Thank YOU!

  9. hey there......it's me.....night stalker. I came back to mention...
    "cool napkins!!" I forgot to say that last night.

    Oh, and did you use all your canvases
    yet? I lost count (how many gorgeous pieces have you done since the packaged arrived at the office?)

    xo Rella
    sadtccm.....now there's a WV!!
    used in a sentence = Rella was sadtccm home and see that Destructo Cat still had not given in and dined on pricey botique catfood.

  10. so glad you commented on my blog so that i could head over here today.
    this painting is beautiful! and i am so inspired by your words...

  11. I just finished looking back over your 12 days of Christmas post and it occurred to me... this just may be the best blog in the world! :)



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