Thursday, January 17, 2008


Look here. I needed something that Sally T had. She sent it to me in this very cool mail art envelope.
I do believe that Sally is the queen of mail art.
She included a little extra extra stuff. Sorry, I didn't show what's inside. But you know me and how I love to glue it down so as not to be caught up in that hoarding thing. I hope I get a chance to do that tonight. If I do, I'll sure enough show....and tell.
I'm bursting with inspiration at the moment and frankly, they are stacking up in my head. I hope Norah's keeping track because this week end, I'm thinking we will be having an art party making valentines and paper dolls and painting and oh my ..... I can't wait.
More later,


  1. Oh yeah...Sally is definitely the queen of mail art. I love getting envelopes and packages from that gal!


  2. I don't know here....I may have to beg to differ. Having received mail art from you I might say that you would have to be the Queen Mum, then. Well, clearly the two of you totally enjoy the process of arting up mail and many have been the lucky recipients.

    oh...and 'here's to a weekend of paper dolls and Valentine art.

    xo Rella

  3. Paper dolls - love them! Can we all join in? Lovely looking package - enjoy the contents.

  4. What beautiful mail Sharon.
    I found out last night that a lady, here in Oz, is going to attend my next altered book workshop, because she found me via your blog.
    What a small world, we are creating in this wonderful blog land.

  5. Sounds like you are in for some fun.

  6. Great mail art! I'm crushed that I'm going to be away and without computer access this weekend and will miss the party. Drat! I expect you'll post about it and I'll read everything when I get home. It just isn't the same tho *pout*



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