Saturday, January 19, 2008

Paper Doll Party Continued

If you are just just now arriving
Close your eyes
Scroll down to the first post for today
Read up

It's time to put her together.

I used brads as you can see to attach the head and legs.

It's an ATC Valentine Paper Doll

Wasn't that fun?
And isn't she just the cutest!
Her name is "Retro Pinkie"
I can't wait to see yours all finished up.
So be sure to let us know when you post.
Just about every body has gone and I'm about to clean up the paper mess.
But first, I have a thought.
If you let me know that you came to play paper dolls,
then I will give Retro Pinkie as a door prize to one lucky person.
I'm thinking I will wait to draw Tuesday morning when I go back to work.
Now I'm going to say good night to everyone and tell you how much fun I have had and hope you did too.
I have three ATC Valentine Paper Doll to get made...
for my swaps.
More later,


  1. You are such a tease with that first photo of a blank, I didn't close my eyes as I have a hard time following directions. Retro is adorable to the max.....and you will get a kick out of this, I made some arms for another paper doll and lost them. Yup. Lost them for five hours. then found them right on t the counter where I left them. Kept walking right by them. Craziest thing.
    O.K.......heading to bed.
    xo Rella

  2. That was so much fun! And Pinkie is adorable. Put me in for the drawing please! She would look great flying around in my studio.
    It's pretty late but I wanted to stay and help you tidy up.

  3. Retro Pinkie is such a cutie pie!! I think I must try one of these dolls. As a kid paper dolls were one of my favorite things to play with so I shouldn't have too much trouble remembering how to do it!

  4. Another brilliant piece of work from you Sharon, just adore it. If I miss a couple of days not visiting your blog there's always so much to catch up with, love what you do.

  5. I've never tried making my own paper doll!... I think it's high time to do it, I'm 33, for goodness sake!... *^v^*
    Yours is great, I love the idea of combining ATC with doll parts, I'm making mine today!

  6. I've really enjoyed having my morning coffee with all these lovely posts. I think I feel awake enough now to give my dolly some clothers - she's still in her skimpy undies!Lovely party!

  7. Oh she is gorgeous and so very you!

  8. What a fun party that was! I loved paper dolls when I was a little girl. I cherished them, kept them and all their clothes in shoe boxed and would even try my hand at designing for them occasionally. That was a fun trip down memory lane! In fact, I have a Barbie paper doll on my desk at home that would love to have Retro Pinkie as a friend.

  9. have me all fired up to make some dolls with moveable arms and legs...thats for the inspiration!!!!!

  10. So I finished my doll, here it is:
    I enjoyed making her very much, thank you for the inspiration! *^v^*

  11. I am inspired...I must read more closely to see if there are rules :)
    Your paper doll is wonderful...lucky person who wins her.
    Must go to the studio my fingers are itching.

  12. So.......I uploaded my progress on my newest paperdoll......and linked you to it. Let's see how many dollies are created.

    xo Rella

  13. Sharon - she is wonderful...

    xox - eb.

  14. Your paperdolls are amazing :-)

  15. Awesome-awesome! You suprised me using the valentine on wonderful! (love the wings)
    Anyway, MINE is posted :)
    This was great fun for me- thank you!!

  16. Fabulous! I've been watching as you posted about the different steps but haven't had the time to get my stuff out and create one myself! Plan to do so however when I return from my trip this week!
    You are INCREDIBLY talented and very generous to share that talent with all of us here in blogland!

  17. =^..^= Oh boy!

    A paperdoll party ...
    Rella sent me!

    Long story ... but this is it. I simply must make a dolly with H2O paper & treasures!!
    Oh dear, I feel an addiction coming on.

    Umm and my fingers are crossed that Pinkie will choose to come live with the Faerie Luna paper dolls in my studio! Ask her for me?

    =^..^= off to play ...
    love, zU

  18. Wow! I am cutting out hands tonight to make my own paper dolls. I remember making paper dolls with my Mom by cutting them out of the Sears catalog. What memories. You always have the best ideas and make the most gorgeous things. Would love to have Pinkie for my studio and an inspiration piece.

  19. Sharon, my paper dolls are finished.I have them posted.Check them out. I couldn't make just one.
    It was soooo much fun. My DH even likes them.
    Thanks for the great day!

  20. Oh count me in......she is so much fun! Love the concept and will try to get one made next week!

  21. Oh you are just too, too clever.
    Just love it.

  22. she is gorgeous and I know exactly where she would go in my studio (should I win). I love the heart brads on her arms....

  23. My paper doll Princess Penelope Pig Tails is finished and up on my blog.
    Let me know what you think of her...she is the first paper doll I have made since I was a little girl.
    This was so much fun. Thank you for the inspiration.

  24. Yeah!
    She is just Fabulous! Love her strippey stockings!
    Sandra Evertson

  25. *wiping away tears*
    why oh why am I always later for the good parties??? What a fabulous paper doll, what a fabulous idea!! I OF COURSE must now stop what I am doing and make one. Retro Pinkie is such a show stopper!
    Sharon, my dear, once again you make my artistic heart a flutter!
    p.s. will you be doing ONE World-ONE Heart this year?? I hope so!

  26. O-o-o-oh, no! I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! Yi-i-i-kes, I'm falling down the rabbit hole (again.) I can't believe I missed the whole cotton-pickin' party. And I love to make paper dolls. (Click here to see some I made a while back.) Sure hope to be around for the next party.
    Sharon, what a delightful little imp that Retro is! I can't wait to see her friends.

  27. Oh, I love your art! Your pinkie doll is so cute; but she's also got a lot of character. I'm sorry I was late for the party; but I do want to win her.

    Thank you for sharing your art with me.

  28. Gosh Sharon - these are sooo koool !

    Love, S

  29. What fun! I love Retro Pinkie. Shall have to add paper dolls to my someday-maybe list of things to do!

  30. Oh look at her legs!!! And face! And everything! You gave her such character! Thanks for the tutorial! It is more fun reading your blog than one of the famous magazines! I learn more and certainly get more inspired. How about making a zine????

  31. Wow this is OUTSTANDING.
    Fantastic Doll. Very impressed.

  32. AWESOMeLY adorable!!!!!!
    wonderful artwork.

  33. Hi Sharon
    Just hooked up to your blog to find some wonderful art.....
    I love your dolls.... I need to have a go.....
    Well done
    From another Sharon xx


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