Saturday, January 19, 2008

Paper Doll Party

Welcome to a paper doll party
and more....
Lets get started with the hands first.
I remember the fun of paper dolls from oh so long ago.
What I remember is that I made my own and like many of you, I used the Sears Catalogue.
Maybe that is why I still cut hands from the advertisements.
Have you been collecting a few hands?
Today is the day to play with them.

I plan to make more that one paper doll so I scanned the hands and printed several sets.

This set of hands were from two different models. I am using a right and left but it is OK with me if you want to use two rights or two lefts.

I found these little strips of heavy watercolor paper that I had saved for case.

They are perfect to make arms with. So, I first glued the hands down and then I sketched an arm shape.

Notice the vellum pattern in the above photo. After I drew one arm, I traced the vellum and cut it out so I could turn it over for a mirror of the arm patter.
Do your own thing here, that is just the way I went about it.
II played with some skin tone paint and of course added white and red. I was just trying to make a matching flesh. And you will notice I change the size of the lower arm section.
Then I used a brown watercolor pencil and went around the arms.
Using Golden gel matte medium, I blend and smudge the watercolor pencil. Now it is permanent.
The gel medium does that.
After cutting the hands out, put the two sections together and punch a tiny hole for the brad.
This is just a little gizmo that I used because it makes a tiny hole and it was right there handy.
Well we probably should have started with the head and that's next. I'm having to share computer time this morning but that's OK.
I'll stay as long as you can.
It is so much more fun than those Tupperware parties.
Back later,

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  1. I did not start collecting magazine hands... but I will start now! Thanks for the detailed instructions. I don't have think now, just do the same thing :-)


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