Monday, January 21, 2008

Thank You much for coming to my Paper Doll Party.
We had so much fun. I thought I would just show a little of the mess that we made. I haven't cleaned it up yet. I've just pushed it back to make a little spot to play today.

Several of you have shown your paper dolls on your blog and I can't even put into words the feeling that I get in my heart when I go to see them. It is amazing and is the reason the I love to share.

Don't forget to leave a link in the party comments if you made a doll. You know what, I'm thinking that will give you two chances to win Retro Pinkie. Because when I draw names, I'm going to print and cut up the comments for drawing.

When the winning announcement post is made, I want to give the links to everyone who made a paper doll. So, if you made one, tell us so we can come for a visit.

The party didn't exactly end for me Saturday night. I got up early Sunday and continued. I am officially hooked on paper dolls. I knew I should not have given in to the temptation. But it is so fun.

Before the party the other day I finished this canvas. It is 6/ X 12. Sorry for the glare but I thought it would be good "enough" to show. Not much to tell about her. I did use a new Morning Glory Napkin for a collage layer in the background. I can't get "enough" of playing with napkins.

This morning I have started another. Yep, I'm home today.

Just playing ART.

More later,



  1. I didn't get to play with you all this weekend and make a paper doll, but you truly made me want to create my own... hopefully sometime this week. It's still January and I've already embarked on so many fun projects... I'll need to pace myself. LOL

  2. Ohoooooo. I love your doll. How cute and what a clever body for her.....I might could do that.

    Did you get your package from me yet?

  3. What fun ' just creating art' can be.

  4. I'll show a doll when I've got one actually dressed.Lots of naked ladies lying around.........

  5. I've posted my work in progress..

  6. Thank you for your visit to my blog...I have been itching to go back and make some more paper dolls I think my little Princess needs friends...I will let you know when I make more.
    I love having a glimpse into your studio :)
    here is the url to my site

  7. Hi Sharon
    One day,could you please post instructions as to how to transfer the napkins to canvass please?
    I would like to try - have my mod podge but don't know how!
    Marelle (Australia)

  8. Oh, I wanted to continue today but my DH was home and the rest of the week is going to be hectic so maybe next weekend?
    I need to go clean my table so I can start again.

  9. I'm a little late, but I LOVE your paper doll, and I too am inspired to pull out the paper, paint and brads!

  10. Here I am......back again to check in on you......both of us with an extra day off and totally playing with paper, paint, mess is so huge and spread out I cannot EVEN take a picture of it. It begins in the bathroom inside the nest..spills out onto everything in the nest...and on into the kitchen over two counters. I guess you could call them different 'stations'....but I confess I did not finish my little raven haired dollie.....I have been working on my two latest pieces. Oh, except I DID stamp out several more bird cage skirt dolls. I now have to change sheets and hurry up to prepare for tomorrow. What a blast this weekend has been and your party was divine...with a capital D!!! Thanks for all the fun.
    xox Rella

  11. Norah, When I get through the next few days with Summit my Grandson. I will be doing something with the paper looks like so much fun..Have a great week, Mary

  12. I didn't get my doll posted on my blog today but will have her on for sure tomorrow. I had so much fun making her....and I don't think she will be alone for too long!

    Also where do you find all the beautiful napkins you use? Are they just regular napkins or some special type?

  13. I love how your word for the year just seems to fit. It sure is ENOUGH to make you think about the power of the words we chose.

  14. I SO love your blog and those paper dolls....I must, must have one - or at least make several! Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. OHH i DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS A DRAWING. I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win.....

    and I had thought it was more than one when I first was reading and scrolling....She is very kool.

    And this new piece is stunning - as USUAL !

    Thank you for all the inspiration. You are getting me revved up to get off my butt and do something again !

    Love, S

  16. I love paper dolls and do all sorts of them too!! Here is a link to one of mine....
    Sharon please throw my name in the paper pile!!


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