Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Me

Misty said, "...pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do it again! and again!" And so I did. I thought it was my double chin yesterday that you did not like. I actually have three and left one off. But no, it was my mean and mad look. And that is how I look. Really. My eyes and mouth relax down and people ask me all the time, "what are you mad about." OK, not all the time but some rude people do.
So, I tried again and this time I put the looking glass on the other side of me and elevated a little. If you look up, you loose a chin or two and that makes me smile. I think Norah's presence led me to the stamp. My new dip pen and ink makes me want to say things, but I don't have many words. The leaves on the left were inspired by a beautiful napkin. I saved the napkin as I only have one.
Expect what you want,


  1. Oh yes!!! Can you see me jumping with glee??? That's you! Perfectly perfect. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. You look beautiful! I like this one very much.

  3. I have no left for you literally knocks me off my chair! And to think I missed out on a golden opportunity to sit with the master and learn, absorb, bask. I so wish things hadn't been what they were for me at that time...a huge regret!
    BUT I am truly delighted you and Z were able to spend such quality time with one another. I could feel the joy in both your posts about the visit!
    Maybe one day you will come back again????
    This self portrait is outstanding!

  4. Sharon, People always say to me..."don't you feel well, why don't you smile?" Kinda irks me really, because I think I AM smiling. I like what you wrote on this page.....I'm going to try live by those words in '09 also. Can't hurt. You carry on, friend....and I really am smiling...especially when reading your wonderful blog......Pat

  5. HI Sharon,. I think you are just lovely in this portrait, I love all of your work but I would think it would be hard for an artist to capture themselves on canvas...
    but, this is how I would picture you in my head from if I were to ever have the pleasure to meet you..

  6. Your self portraits are beautiful! I really enjoy your have such talent!

  7. Indeed, this is the face of someone expecting the best to come her way! I'm smiling with you.

  8. Yes! I really-really love this one! I can see the "sisters" in you.

  9. You are beautiful in picture, in life, and in your art. Love these new paintings.
    You are amazing.

  10. This is really dear and fun to look at. I have a down turned mouth ....but I am not sad I am full of joy! gravity i think....

  11. I love this. So much colour and movement.

  12. This is so funny to me. I also have a down turned mouth and have had many people (when I was younger) ask me why I'm mad. I said, "I'm not mad, I'm just sitting here." One guy looked at me while having a conversation about why we didn't get along and said, "I just noticed that the corners of your mouth go down. I always thought you were mad, but that's just how your mouth goes." Peeps and their ass-umptions. Now I try to make a more conscious effort to keep my mouth turned up when I'm out in public - I just figure if they're going to think something about me, let em think I'm happy. :)



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