Monday, January 12, 2009

Dancing in Blue

January 12
Surprise, Surprise.
Today the whole world wide is painting blue.
Check out the links at Misty's to see more blue.
Expect orange tomorrow,


  1. Oh, the movement and joy! Amazing! After my very 'blue' blue page, this is so refreshing to see! Absolutely love it! xo

  2. Well, blue isn't a color that sings to me....but after seeing all the dancing here....I think I'm changing my mind!!!!!!! Way to go girl.......Pat

    By the way, I LOVE how you are doing more writing on your pieces.

  3. No one could have the "blues" looking at this cool page!

  4. This is so joyful, it instantly brought a smile to my face. I love the energy you captured.

    I loved looking at all you art on your blog especially your paper napkin garden journal. Beautiful!

  5. This really made me smile...I just love the face, so HAPPY!

  6. She so pretty in blue!

  7. Great movement in this one! Between that and the expression on her face you can feel the delight jumping off the page!

  8. oooh I love this, makes me want to twirl!!!!
    And you know what, I love the look of all one color in various hues.
    I am amazed what you can do day to day to day!!

  9. The action in your drawing on this one is terrific. I'll have to go look at the other "blue's" now.


  10. Sharon, I can't tell you how many hours...really, I just spent on your lovely blog..fab art, inspirations and tutorials. How lucky you are to know to listen to NorhaS! Keep close your inner child.
    Warm wishes

  11. Norah you are the best!!! Your journals pages are so fun and beautiful.....and seeing your self Ports...too fun! I must come by more often!!!!!

  12. Blue, my very favourite colour and my Cloth paper Scissors arrived over Christmas and guess who I saw. Well done on another great article.

  13. This page is wonderful. I love the whimsy and the way you have captured movement.

  14. ohh how fun ..the joy is jumping off the page..i loved taking a peek at this one :-)))
    thanks for your kind comments on my blog ...i had fun with red today ..not a colour i usually choose but LOVED it .. it is amazing to observe what colours i am drawn too ..and stepping out of my comfort zone ... how did you get on with red ? :-)

    ♥ milliande

  15. Hi Sharon!
    I just love that blue "I could have danced all night" piece you made. And where exactly do you work that you are able to "do art" at your desk??? :)

  16. Your work is just amazing amazing...


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