Friday, January 02, 2009

January Journal Day 2

I'm fading early tonight as I stayed up way too late last night.

To see more January Journals go here.


Thank you Katie for the wonderful Apple Butter. It was a perfect morning treat.

Continuing with my trip to Zorana Land.

She gifted me with this little circle of wood that she had already burned one of my

sister faces in.

With her guidance, I started it in California and finished it today in Texas.

I enjoyed painting on wood and will do it again.

My bed calls.
Expect another journal page tomorrow and more stories of my journey.
And thank you for visiting and leaving the most wonderful comments.
I truly will catch up with each of you little by little.
Hello, Hi, to my new commenter people.
Thank you,

PS.....I fear I have left the top photo to large. If you have trouble with it please comment and I will fix it tomorrow. Promise. Sleep is coming now.........snoooooozzzzzeeeeeee

PSS....never mind, I had trouble with it. I started to leave myself a comment for tomorrow but went ahead and fixed it.


  1. What a beautiful journal page. Love the wood paintings as well.

  2. Sweet Dreams!!! tee hee Love the Zorana journal page!!! and the circle of wood with the lil bluebird has my heart!

  3. wonderful work!! can't wait to see what's next:)

  4. Oh this is wonderful...your characters are serenely beautiful!

  5. Happy New Year Sharon. It is such fun to see that everyone is doing journals in January...lot's of eye candy.
    I love the wood painting you and Zorana are an inspiration

  6. I missed you. :) Your journal page is beautiful and I love your wood circle painting. Happy New Year! Wish you all the best!

  7. You are so smart! I recognize a lot of things on your page. It is dreamy. And the circle is finished! Looking wonderful! Come back and finish mine.... xo

  8. Beautiful Beautiful wood painting. I love her!
    and your sweet journal page. I can't wait to see more.
    Happy Sleeping.....

  9. A lot to see and studying on your Jan 2 page. I love it!! :)))

  10. Well, are painting like crazy!! I love it all! This may be my favorite journal the SF hillside there and the girl is wonderful. Rest up.....expect more painting!!! Pat

  11. thanks so much for your comment!! It's so weird really, I never thought I would be able to quit smoking (I still take commit, but I'm trying to ease up on those too) because it went along with so many things (driving, reading, after dinner etc.) and how would I deal with stress?! Now I find that I can go the whole day and not even think about it (I have gained some weight that I really didn't need since I already needed to lose, but that's okay, I'm going to start on that soon) I better end this now before I ramble on all day:) take care and I hope you have a great day, and I look forward to chatting with you again

  12. Oh this journal is going to be so lovely. i love the depth of colour. Love the painting on wood too.

  13. Love this wood painting!
    And your journal page with the shadows is just gorgeous!

  14. what a beautiful painting! Happy New Year to you!~

  15. Yes, it's quite a challenge, love your pages...xx

  16. Love your painting on wood...something I want to try too. What type of wood did you use? When I did the Suziblu classes she advised birchwood ply (which I cant find!!!)

    Fantastic journal page.

    Love hearing all of your news re: your trip to Zorana Land.


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