Saturday, January 10, 2009

Looking Glass

Did I have to tell you this is a self portrait?
The princess passed by just now and
she knew.
I hugged her.
I made a deal with myself this morning.
I do that sometimes.
It goes like this.
With ease of mind and nothing (the 1001 things I need to be doing) hanging over my head,
I get to paint one page.
I have to go and knock out some of those 1001 things.
Have you guessed what my word for 2009 is?
Expect more later,


  1. oh sharon, this is great! and, i make the same deals with myself only some days i cheat! it does help though. my word for 2009 is freedom, and part of that is taking care of that "nothing" that you didn't write about!

  2. Such a serious face! Yup, it's definitely you - at least the upper part. The lower part I don't recognize... I think I started my day opposite - doing one of the 1001 things. Maybe I should stop and paint a page. I will! I'm going now. Thank you!

  3. You look so serious!! Maybe because you're thinking about those 1001 things you have to do!!

  4. It looks like you! amazing to me. i happened upon your article in cloth paper scissors this a.m. your pics were so wonderful, your ideas great. and the article on the whole showed all of us a glimpse into your personality and wit. thanks, wanda

  5. Just wonderful...I love your faces, yours included!
    Your napkin journal pages are incredible and that baby bird one is for me! Love that one...when I was little I was always hunting out the baby birds...just loved finding one. Sweet pics!

  6. I knew it was you! I had also guessed that EXPECT might be your word for 2009. Now we can all expect to see more of your amazing art.


  7. I am guessing your work is it! And love the stamp you have carved.
    Yes, I knew it was you. But.... didnt know you have green eyes (me too!).
    You were very disciplined doing your painting and then getting into your chores.
    I've been up since 7.30 doing housework and feel I need to stop now and do a little art too.
    I think your idea of doing the painting first is better though, becuase you just keep finding more things to do around the house/garden!

    Jacky xox

  8. are good! This is you. Beautiful, creative, wonderful, you!

  9. I knew your new word was EXPECT! when I received my Christmas card.
    This self portrait is wonderful. I didn't know your eyes were green....mine too.
    I got my copy of CPS tonight...I checked to make sure you were in there (like you might not be in my copy?)but I am saving it for tomorrow.
    Suze forgot to sign in

  10. Sharon, Yes, it's you....although somewhat pensive. Perhaps the results of the break-in. I EXPECT better things for you in 2009!! Just love visiting you! Pat


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