Monday, January 19, 2009


January 19th

I have switched to a different journal that I made of leftovers. It is pretty or rather ugly grungy. So I decided that following Misty's prompts for this week might help me get back to it and make it pretty. We'll see. So anyway this is my embellishment page as I used fibers, a ginko leaf and tiny beads. The faces were from an advertisement that I used Nevrdul to wipe away the color. I almost wiped away too much on the one on the right.

I am also challenged with my grunge journal to stay as dry as possible. In other words no paint. It's hard. I sure like to have a paint brush in my hands.

Count them .....84

It is my new Brighton Make up.
That cool little bag traveled with me to Zorana Land.
My plan was to do a little art-in-flight just like I do
art-at-the-desk and art-on-the-couch.
Well, to my surprise, I could not get the image of a little old lady on the air plane and her crayons.

But on the return flight, no problem.
I had more time between flights and so I just pulled my little makeup bag out and started this Tree Flag.
I need to go to the couch now, I'll show you when it's finished.


  1. I'm cracking up because I to wonder what people think when I pull out my bag of art goodies on a plane, especially when I start borrowing my 7 year olds colored pencils and markers:-) Love what you did with the embelishments.

  2. Love the bag of FUN! And, your page is wonderful too....even though you didn't use your beloved paint. How do you get all these lovely works of art done...I know you are busy!!!!! I'm really impressed....Pat

  3. I want that bag of crayons, are they watercolor ones? Love the embellished page. I need to go do one soon.


  4. Very special tree flag and I am soooooooooooooooo envious of that gorgeous back of Caran D'ache neocolors. I have about 30 in total but keep pestering my family to order me the BIG one from Dick Blicks...didnt happen this Christmas, but did get a lovely little set of 15 from my sweet sister.

    Love the embellished page too!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your pages. They make me smile to look at them.

  6. You have been your usual busy, creative self. What a fabulous page and I love the container for your crayons, I still have mine in the tin they came in which means unless you strap it together they fall out.

  7. Hi, Nora
    My name is Angelique A.K.A Lady Lavender and I am new to this journaling journey. I am wondering what kind of crayons are those? They look beautiful with all those colors.

    Thanks, Lady Lavender

  8. Great page and a little different with the embellishments. Challenges make us stretch don't they?


  9. After taking another look....I have to say...this may be my favorite page so far, although it's hard to choose. There's nothing like friends!!! pat

    What kind of watercolor crayons are they?
    Thanks for sharing, what a great bag!!!!!!
    So much fun.

  11. Love the page. Are you and Norah are at odds on how to describe it? You say 'ugly' and 'plain'....I say Beautiful!!

  12. Wow Wow wow....your Misty's prompts are so lovely.....yaah we are painters!!! And all that little papery, cutting up little snips, running around finding collage stuff is so messy and hard to get in the rhythm of. I have started just tearing out images when I ever I get a magazine, in a waiting room, visiting on phone what ever. Then stashing them a side. I wonder how others do it??? Think I will make a post with this question...

  13. Enjoyed seeing your little portable kit. Funny, but I am working today on getting an art station set up in my sewing room so things will be handy and also working on a travel kit. Thank you for the idea.

  14. Your journal page is just so simply beautiful.
    And the crayons are scrumptious. I want to eat them up!


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