Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sometimes Creative

January 3

I know you can't really see that I did in fact try the Nevrdull product that Misty told about today on her Day 3 Journal page.
What great fun that was and now I will sit down and yank some pages out of old magazines.
Expect me to try this again and again.
A quick moment to share from my trip to Zorana Land.
The ginkgo leaves are all yellow and falling there.
I ask and my friend and she whipped the car over the the curb where I opened the door and swooped up a hand full. I confess, I also stole the yellow flower from a public place.
New ART supplies, yes?


  1. We had a yellow flower in common today, I love your stolen one!!!LOL I'll have to get some nevrdull sometime and try it too! Sweet pages!!

  2. Happy belated Nytt År!
    She is very pretty and the side glance is at her intended or the stolen flower!?...

  3. She is beautiful! I love the way you used the leaves and flower. Not many people jump from joy when they see ginkgo leaves... I don't think they even notice them. Isn't it wonderful that blogs bring like-minded ginkgo loving people together?

  4. Gather ye art supplies where ye may! When I was in SF in '04, I took seeds from a plant on Alamo's growing in a pot on my patio still. I can't remember the name of has a beautiful purple you suppose the statue of limitations has expired? Love what you are doing!!!! Pat

  5. Sharon, i especially love the expression in the eyes of your very top of the page woman. and i laughed yesterday when you said you were going to the store to get the product. i'm getting mine today or tomorrow. such fun! wanda


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