Friday, January 02, 2009

He Knows my Shadow

I'm excited to try a Journaling Adventure for the month of January. Misty Mawn is going to journal each day of the month and post to her blog and has invited everyone to join her. Follow the link over to her blog and enjoy Misty's daily journal page. She is also listing the other bloggers who have joined her.

Above is my first page of the new year. And below is a page by Zorana in my book. We swapped books while I was there and painted in each others.

I was armed with my copy of the latest Somerset Studio (Jan/Feb 2009) when I arrived in California. You know, it is the one where I have two little corners published. There is a wonderful article by Angela Cartwright titled "The Shadow Dance". I knew without a doubt that I would find my shadow in San Francisco.

Sure enough right there at the tourist look outs above the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay bridge we began to dance.

Sasha went first. And then Zorana and I. We discovered the fun of making a journal page with shadows. You should try it. Zorana will probably show the page I did in her book later but she too has joined the January journal challenge and has posted a beautiful page for today.

When you come home from an adventure, do you share what you have done with your dear partner? Well, even though mine mostly seems disinterested, he has to look, because I show him. I showed him the shadow page and while he had that whatintheworldwillyoudonext look on his face, I ask him, "do you know which shadow is me?" He knows my shadow! We had such a good laugh about it. No words. Just laughs. I don't know what he was thinking but I had the warmest fuzziest feeling. He knows my shadow.

Expect shadows,



  1. I just found your blog and am amazed at your art is just have encouraged me to get my canvas out that I put away and try again at it...I am going to take classes again at painting as I really enjoy it! I just had a neck fusion last week on the 26th of December and am at home for about 2 months without driving so I have time on my hands..thank you for such an awesome blog and the encouraging work you do..hugs, cheryl

  2. I can't believe you posted that picture! LOL! My husband didn't mind being a ballerina in front of all those people there just to make you laugh. I love love love your journal page (and I do recognize MY shadow, same as your husband recognized yours). I will post your lovely page as soon as I get some me time.

  3. Doesn't it warm your heart to know you have inspired someone to start creating again? All the best to you in 2009!
    xo suze

  4. i've been watching your blog for quite a while, norah. but never commented. i love your "sisters" series and stories. thanks, wanda

  5. Shadows. They copy us, they play with us. Sometimes they even overshadow us.
    They are mysterious and diaphanous, our gossamer guests who love to follow us into the light but flee during darkness.

  6. Sharon, One of the very best days of my whole life was spent at that very San Francisco. My son took me there! He took me lots of places, but that was one of my favorites. I KNOW you had a ball and am glad you are sharing it with us. THANKS, Pat

  7. Sharon - happy 09 to you
    I haven't commented for ages, but i have been lurking lol
    YOu never cease to inspire me thank you so much
    Marelle (Australia)


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