Sunday, January 18, 2009


January 17th (18th)

"You never know where you will get inspiration. I happen to think it builds up from many different places. Yesterday our chickens gave us seven eggs. And that made me think of this yellow page. I suppose I can't explain it but maybe the yellow of the egg. And then 'egg head'. So when I came across a little painting again of 3 tall skinny ladies, that was added to my inspiration. Then, I went to bed to dream about it and woke knowing I would choose 3 different text to use for dresses. But I saw on Zorana's yellow page where she wrote on her white shadow and I knew I would do that too."

That's what is says.......................................
I wonder what the Pink will tell me.

Expect secrets,



  1. I've really been enjoying your color inspired paintings. They are all so lovely!

  2. I agree with Vicki! I am LOVING the colored ladies! The whole series would make a beautiful coffee-table book...I can't wait to see what you do next! smiles...

  3. Love the busty lady on the right! A very sunny, warm painting. From eggs to art... that's an interesting path. xo

  4. Sharon!!! Loved your spreads in "cloth paper scissors" Sry but my hubby mislays alot of my magazines. When I found it and saw you and your pieces had to let you know...LOVE THEM. Wish I could see it in person,but just wonderful. I layer collages with printed tissu wrap in patterns and prints for a background occasionally. Love your blog Sharon and thanks for being a blog pal. I am taking time off to play and see more of my marked blogs I love.

  5. Hello, Sharon!
    I am a fan and a frequent visitor of your beautiful blog! You touch my life...I am especially touched by the warm, artistic friendship in which you share with Zorana. I want to pass this "love" award on to you...and one to Zorana as well. I realize that you are very busy and possibly will decline, but I still wanted to attempt because YOU deserve it! Please visit my blog to copy your award and to view the details!
    Thank You, Missy

  6. they are yummy beautiful!

  7. I thought you could not top the red painting but the yellow tugs at my heart...

  8. Wonderful!!! Yes, I see the connection between the chicken eggs and this page. And, once again, writing...LOVE IT! I am cheered just looking at this and now, anticipating pink....hmmmmm. You really are an inspiration! Pat

  9. Gorgeous yellow tones (and I didnt think I like yellow!!!).
    I love the different texts for each dress and love how you and Zorana have hand written text on these pages too...kindred spirits!
    Loving this challenge!
    Like how your chooks laid 7 eggs yesterday (my favourite number). A quiche or frittata coming up????

  10. I love this yellow! Great work

  11. Loved hearing how all your inspiration came together to make such a lovely piece of art.


  12. You can take any colour, the are all gorgeous;o)


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