Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Story

about holes in boxes. I tell you one has nothing to do with the other but in my head all makes perfect sense.

Do you remember this lovely little painted box that winged out of my wee town back on November 17th? Well it went to Canada and packaged within was paid-for cargo.

After a month, I heard from the recipient that the box had not arrived. We discussed what to do. And we discussed the thieves somewhere between here and there.

Well, to my delight, surprise and amazement the pretty box came back to me yesterday intact and with a note of several attempted delivers. You might notice that I signed and dated the art, but I did not put my return address anywhere .....anywhere on the box. Don't ask me why. So anyway, it came back to the town and zip code that was on the mailing strip. Seems I have a reputation at my post office and they knew exactly how to get it to me.

Turns out the recipient had moved and there was a mix up at her post office. The box needed to come back to me and I'm not sure why except perhaps to show and teach me several lessons.

Not wanting to tempt fate a second time, I placed the box in a box and readdressed it and sent it on its way. I just can't help it.....there was a hole in the otherwise perfect box. The box is winging it way back to Canada throwing kisses all the way.

And now for this hole. I showed you and ask for guesses. I enjoyed all of the guess and there were two correct guesses.

Anonymous said: "Hi Sharon,Just checking in - and I know what it is!!! It is the inside of your latest bird house. The lucky new resident will love it. Andy has some up in the White Mountains here, but none of them are wallpapered.Kris-10"

I've told you more than once, "I'm certified" crazy. Our most popular bluebird box needed a renovation this year. It is an experiment to see what they think about wallpaper. One male bluebird has already been spotted coming out of the box. They are checking it out. I know it seems early, but they start looking for vacancies in January. Isn't it exciting? I can't wait to take photos of the nest and blue eggs in their beautiful new abode.
Expect blue eggs,
Anonymous Kris will be getting a print of her choice for the prize. A Sally t who also guessed bird house will be getting a little prize too.
Thanks for playing with me. We'll do it again soon.


  1. That package should have enough of its own frequent flier miles to go for free by now.

    Love the birdhouse. I didn't guess correctly but I love it.


  2. That's too funny. I was looking at it in a totally different my answer seems kind of dumb now. Lucky birds.
    I had two rather large owls sitting on my roof last night just a hootin & hollerin at 1:00am.

  3. Sharon those lucky birds... I love that you have painted the interior of their home!!! How thoughtful of you. I havent seen your painted bird boxes before, but just love them.

    How lucky that your package came back to you. I can imagine that you would be well know at your post office as your art parcels are amazing, and not easily forgotten. Love your new packaging too with the little peep cute.

  4. That is so funny that the post office personnel knew exactly where to return the box. It will be interesting to see if the bluebirds like your decorating style.

  5. As to the package...well, a lesson to all of us and I'm glad it's "found." The bird house interior decoration.....I guess I'm just unimaginative..I would have never guessed. You are so cool and so are the two people who guessed correctly!!! Pat

  6. OMG>>>>>>>>>only you, my friend....only you would wallpaper the inside of a birdhouse. I love it!!!!! And the missing package that showed up.....I am just shaking my head over that fabulous miracle. And the butterfly wings.......precious...just like you.

    xo Rella

  7. Sharon you are so much fun, thank you for playing with us.
    Great the mail was retuned and so pretty. I love the lips showing in the tiny hole. JUST SO CUTE.
    You are awesome. That would of been to sad if that was lost.
    So glad all worked out well for the recipent.
    I didn't guess a birdhouse, it is freezing her. Really fun.

  8. Stumbled onto your blog today. I love your collages. They look like a lot of fun to do. I will be checking back !

  9. Your since of humor is wonderful. I make bird houses, have for along time. Never thought of wallpaper.
    Love the way you think!!!
    Hugs, Mary

  10. It makes me smile to think of the mail persons reaction to delivering that box:-) And those smooches falling out all over the place!

  11. Too funny! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Come on over and check out my giveaway!

  12. That paper is wonderful and if noone moves in by Feb 1st, I will, lol! Your mojo arrived and was graciously received,too!

  13. Oh How fun for the blue birds. I am sorry I missed the game. I don't think I would have won though. Glad your package is smooching it's way to it's new home. Love it!

  14. What a fun box! I will have to make cool packages like great story...looking for your Misty challenges....

  15. Yipee! And Mark though that it was a nice touch to use pink and blue in your birdhouse sine you don't know what color booties the babies will come with ;-)


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